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a guy who is excellent in bed, and you are amazed of his capabilities
That guy last night was a bryce for sure
by jeedupfromf333tup November 11, 2007
One of the raddest dudes alive.
Bryce is freaking win, man.
by me1017 September 06, 2008
Most amazing guy in the galaxy. No one could ever live without him. He has the most awesome hair and eyes and everything anyone could ever want. He has the warmest hands and so is his smile. The first person anyone would choose if they were the last people on Earth. And even if everyone was still alive i'd still be the luckiest person ever.
"I love Bryce"
"You're super lucky!"
"I love Bryce"
the act of driving innocent people insane
"Dude! I got bryced by that wack Chinese guy!"
by Marchgiahdgh April 23, 2006
A really awesome guy. Bryce always takes care of his friends especially his BEST friends. Very physicially fit and good at just about every sport he tries. Bryce's are usually really funny, and always willing to try new things. everyone needs to know a bryce.
-Hey theres bryce!
-Oh yea bryce is awesome!
by warren black August 31, 2010
A Bryce is a cute, awkward, dorky guy. Very attractive (; He's strong and masculine but has a sensitive side. He's funny and even though he can be really sweet, sometimes he can come off as a complete and total asshole. No one can't stay mad at him for long. Bryce's are known to be players, sort of the "bad-boy" type. They are outstandingly charming. And they know how to smooth-talk us ladies, but they treat their women right and will settle down for the right one. They make great Dad's and they're very successful at life. They crack corny jokes but can get away with it unlike most. Bryce's don't have a lot of friends but a few true ones. They are laid back and just go with the flow. They are very religious and can dress to impress. If you meet a Bryce don't let him go. It'll be one of the worst mistakes you can ever make. (:
Look at Bryce over there. He's so handsome.
Bryce is so sweet, his smile melts my heart.
I have a Bryce as a boyfriend. Be jealous (:

girl: omg. bryce is so hot!
gther girl: I know! He's freaking sexy.

guy: Dude. Why can't we be like bryce? he's so cool
other guy: bryce can't be copied. he's legend.
by tatyana(: August 21, 2011
A guy who is a complete womanizer. Usually seen walking with a pack of girls with him. More often than not one of said girls will be in his bed later that night. Can be a manwhore at times but he is still an overall cool person.
Guy#1: Woah that dude is with 4 girls. Is he gay?
Girl#2: No, that's just Bryce. Man, he is such a pimp dude.
by downtown cookie January 08, 2009
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