gay guitar player with bald head and glasses
i hear that monkeyboy likes it up the anus while he strums his plank
by eamon target September 04, 2003
A little hairy knuckle dragging drunk that does the chimp walk.
Look...there's Jack the monkey boy.
by Organ grinder January 22, 2008
A male showing no evidence of proper upbringing, consideration of others, or the slightest civilized manners.
This creature is usually the result of a single parent household without a father around to keep him in line.
Ages can range from 10 to 25.
Why's Eric peeing in the bushes?
Geesh, what a monkey boy!.
by Nancy Mauser September 10, 2008
Small man who does your bidding. Provides endless literal and figurative amusement. He entertains his superiors by placing a small hat on his head and clapping his hands while dancing around. Man is usually named Armando, or Mandy for short.
Monkey Boy- do your dance....then go get me a sandwich.
by Lynda Sue March 24, 2006
a unearthly creature from a far planet

a ugly thing that makes stupid noises

a smelly non-deoderant useing beast

a retard that goes URRRRRR!!!!!
dude, look how stupid monkeyboy looks!!!!!

look how ulgy little monkeyboy runs!!!

monkeyboys gay
by drunk-cornery MCpimpmiester November 09, 2011
1. Munki is a weird fruit cake that gives everyone to many chances.

2. He often goes by the name of 'Joshy the slave.'

3. This particular 'Munki' has a fascination with E-faces. If he wasn't so adorable and addictive. You would smack him.

4. Little kids liek to frail and prance around the Munkiboi. His hormones are strangly fucked up.

5. Munkyboi is also a weirdo that enjoys texting 'mothers' and is into OLDER WOMAN.
-There is no example explainable...You will just have to seek a MonkeyBoy out. Then find out for yourself-
by Steve The Tranny July 14, 2008
small townie like object, often referred to as s0ck
by Mick May 20, 2003
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