a way a sayin man especially around places like dudley, cannock, netherton, walsall, woverhampton, west bromwich, wenesbury, cradley, places like that. its a very broad dialect,

ow bin ya me mon (how have you been my man)
johnny: ow bin ya me mon
jim: not too bad arrr
johnny: a yo orighte mert
jim: arr
by paul hinton December 09, 2005
Short word for money.
I luv mon!
by fcotrs August 28, 2014
Abbreviation for the middle of nowhere.
I might lose cell phone reception because I'm in the MON
by Row and Missa May 27, 2007
A shorten term for money, used to emphesize the awesomeness of the thing or event with only a single sylable

that sex last nigt was mon
by TGraham November 24, 2007
a swear word thats not a swear word but use it when your pissed off in one of those ''not really pissed off'' ways at your friends.
(steph steals hayley's phone)
hayley: ah give it back ya mon!
by xXxCAITLYNxXx September 20, 2008
it means gate in japanese, and is constantly refered to in the popular anime series, Full metal Alchemist
tokukokai wa mon ga irimasu.
by Stefan Jenkins August 17, 2006
Money Over Niggas
the female version of the male gang
alike the bloods or crips but smaller scale and all female niggers
fight mon v.s G.L tonight
by a.chet_69 September 24, 2007

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