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Boring, little town in the mitten state where there is plenty of fast food, meijer, walmart and nothing to do.
person 1: "I'm from Three Rivers."
person 2: "I'm sorry."
#three #rivers #michigan #boring #little
by HarmonyB March 19, 2009
Small Southwest Michigan town where JimBob, BillyJoe, BillyJean, and Maxwell call home. If you live on Roberts Mountain, then you may have a similar name. (Roberts Mountain being the garbage dump on Roberts road)
I was in Three Rivers last week visiting cuzin JimBob. We went fishing and then had a nice view of Three Rivers up top on Roberts mountain. The methane smell sure makes ya know you is alive.
#three rivers #michigan #roberts #jimbob #methane
by KRAPPYWESTMI November 07, 2010
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