Typically used to portray how a Jamaican pronounces "man". Can be used in almost any sentence, as a compliment, to describe an action, but most commonly used as a greeting.
"Ahh, that Nath's such a mon!"
"Oi mon, you up for a mon mon? C'mon, i'm well up for monnin'!"
"Ite mon! Hows it goin'?"
by Coopon September 23, 2008
the girl way of say MOB is M.O.N {money over niggas}
boys say MOB girls would say M.O.N
by Lady.j September 16, 2007
the word used by stupid fuckin americans whenever they talk about or refer to jamaica or jamaicans. jamaicans do not say mon, nor do any other caribbean people. please do all caribbean people a favor and take your head out of your ass and realize that the world isn't like what you see in the movies.
Me: aye joe i heard you were going to jamaica for spring break
Joe: should be fuckin wicked "mon"
Me: that's....wait...did you just say "mon"
Joe: yeh "mon" jamaica is gonna be great
(I then proceed to beat up Joe's mudda cunt)
by Ed Inglefield October 06, 2005
1. Scientific name: Mons Pubis. A raised, pleasureless lump located in the pubic region of a female. The thing that gives trannies a chance in a bikini.

2. A person with whom one shares their soul almost telepathically with another person. Each person is mons. Together, they are mons. They share their soul, heart, mind, and spirit. It is such a perfect concept that it is simply 'mons.'

3. The greatest, or highest of supernatural experiences, which upon encountering can only be responded to with the humble utterance: 'mons'

4. The prefix for 'monsecue,' which is a party of extraordinary proportions. May or not be associated with a "barbecue."

5. A word that hipsters repeat without actually knowing the meaning, just because it sounds phresh.
person 1: 'Did you SEE that mons?!'

person 2: 'Yeah.. mons'

person 1: 'Let's celebrate it with a monsecue!'

hipster: 'Oversized vintage sweaters? mons, man'
by monslepathy October 25, 2010
Mon (pronounce "mun") is an abbreviation for the term "money". It is used for anything or anyone that is totally legit and fuckin' rad. It has the same general meaning as the term "money", but is used by mon individuals who are too busy living the dream and fucking shit up to be bothered to pronounce the whole word. Mon is more than a word, it's a way of life. It is thought to have come into existence at the University of Idaho around '09 or '10.
"Dude, last night was so fucking mon." "Yeah man, I finally hooked up with Jenny. Mon!" "That shit is so mon, dude."
by KidIcaruss November 06, 2011
A hardcore prick. Indonesian. Drag raced professionally, a devotee of hos over bros, a cheap motherfucker, and a constant compulsive masturbater. Dwells with parentals, has zero luck with punanis, twats, cunts, or any clamlike part of the female anatomy.
Ya he monned out on our plans so he could stay home and bate.
Quit being a fucking mon, you met her through me. You did NOT find this party so shut the FUCK up!
by big dawg chairboi September 15, 2008
Money over niggaz... it contains the Taffy, Rachel & Asia.. All reppin north side 508... Way of life 4 independent women.. Of course that r hood
M.O.N all day murderin Bitch Niggaz
by GhettoBeauty508 June 30, 2009

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