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When two guitar players face each other, stand very close together, and rock out. This typically occurs onstage at a concert, where many voyeurs are present in the audience to observe the sexual encounter. Guitar Sex often coincides with a guitargasm and frequently features guitar face by one or more of the involved parties.
NOTE: Instead of two guitar players, Guitar Sex can occur between a guitar player and a bass player, a guitar player and a keytar player, or any combo of two people playing guitar-like instruments.
Hey, let's have sex with our guitars!

Did you see those two guys having guitar sex?

Dude, did you check out the Flecktones concert last week?
Yeah, man, Bela Fleck and Vic Wooten were totally having guitar sex!
#guitar sex #guitar #sex #guitar face #guitargasm #rock #concert #stage #bass #keytar #drumitar
by emsee May 17, 2006
As drunk dial except applies to instant messages, often even more socially destructive and/or hysterical, due to the fact that electronic evidence of the conversation remains.
NOTE: If you feel you may be the victim of a drunk IM, they are typically characterized by:
- unbelevvable mispellings
- incoherent topic and sentence structure
- frequent prideful declarations of the fact that the IMer is thoroughly intoxicated
A drunk IM:

heyyou shouldd come over wer drinkign imean not dfrinking were drink
#drunken im #drunk #instant message #im #aim
by emsee November 15, 2006
As in "Ghost of Stephen Foster" by Squirrel Nut Zippers:
"Gwine to run all night, gwine to run all day.
Camptown ladies never sang all the doo-dah-day, no no no."
#going #going to #am going to #are going to #is going to
by emsee May 17, 2006
Pittsburghese for the Monongahela River, one of the famous "Three Rivers" that, along with the Allegheny and the Ohio, runs through the 'Burgh. Can also refer to the Mon Incline.
I took the Mon up to Mt. Washington enat.
#mon #monongahela #river #incline #pittsburghese
by emsee November 16, 2006
Pittsburghese for "and that," generally used in Western PA as a filler to end sentences, serves no useful purpose other than to identify oneself as thick-tongued Neanderthal hailing from the 'Burgh.
I'm going dahn tahn to Jint Iggle enat.
#and that #en'at #an'at #n'at #pittsburghese
by emsee November 16, 2006
Adj. Being of a quality of complete and utter suckiness. Typically preceded in a sentence by "Something is " or "Somethings are ".
The Nine is t'suck.
Sunfires are t'suck.
The Pussycat Dolls are t'suck... but they're hot.
George Bush is t'suck.
#suck #sucks #suckiness #tah'suck #ta-suck #tsssuck
by emsee October 19, 2006
Pittsburghese for "needs to be," "needs to go," "needs to have," "needs to use," etc.
The bridge needs fixed.

The dog needs outside.

I need a pop.

Yunz don't need all them gumbans do yunz?
#need #needz #to be #to go #to have #to use
by emsee November 15, 2006
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