Short for money, specifically cash.
"Dude, you got the mons?"
by Jill-izo November 15, 2006
expression for money
Shes got mad mons
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
Short for "money" which means "tight" or "awsome" or "sick."
Dude, that trick you busted was so freaking mons!

Dude, that's a mon pic you took of my sister.
by Ross Money Beck May 14, 2005
The Salopian way of saying 'mate'. Short for monner. Also, a 'proper monner' is a stereotypical Salopian lad from the depths of Shropshire.
Q) 'Ow do, mon?

A) Sound mon.

Q) How do you do, mate?
A) Good, mate.

See John over there? He's a proper monner, him. Never left Baschurch his whole life.
by coanlilounms January 27, 2015

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