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slippers that are native to (after Nth America) a place known as The Borough, Bendigo, Vic, Aust. Bogans tend to wear them all day long, in and out of the house. it is not what the middle and upper class view as trendy. do not confuse mockies with the Ug Boots that were recently re-vamped and made fashionable again on the catwalks.
"hey kev, whyareya goen out in ya mockies again, ya dill?"

"cuz i cant be farked puttin anyfing else on Shazza"
by Athene \'n\' Mah Davels May 21, 2003
the word for crazy girls that like to push other people down skate ramps and into puddles. also the word that is used to describe someone who makes others laugh. a lot. reallyreally.
"-pushed into puddle- SFDGH MY JEANS. MOCKY!"
"-laughing fit-"
by Androide September 05, 2006