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12 definitions by vogla

penis easily mocked for both shortness and skinniness when "fully" hard
Upon seeing his mockie she became instantly unhorny

Don't breed if you have a mockie lest you inflict your weak penis genes on your sons.
by vogla January 14, 2013
Spinal injury from skillless ATV riding preventing one from completely uttering profanities
"fucking quadgodammit I fell again", would never be heard from Phil again as the ATV fell on him crushing his spine.
by vogla January 12, 2013
Those therealcoon 69 failure definitions display as much mental acuity as his music is profitable
by vogla January 14, 2013
Using your sister's my little pony to fap
"\,/" :. : :.)'\,
a doll in his right hand his small dick in his left hand his mom walked in on him, "oh, zach, you skallywanker, we'll go blind from walking in on you playing with your small toys. Stop spooging on your sister's ponies"
by vogla January 13, 2013
Imaginary shipment
While the postage is much less for zargo it would be insane to pay to mail an empty box
by vogla January 12, 2013
incredulous fear of being outside often accompanied by unmanly desire to play murder simulators every possible waking moment not spent eating, sleeping, or working/schooling.
Bob: let's go play ice hockey with them
Steve: I can't I have to level
Bob: but there's only two hours of light left
Steve: I need to keep my solid ratio
Bob: your fearjohn is fucking up your life. you don't seem interested in girls anymore either. get help

While most teens are playing sports, hanging out in person, or jerking those afflicted with fearjohn have no time for these.
by vogla January 23, 2013
When the guy you considered a bro turns out to be a camo homo brohomoflirting at you. Worse yet this faggot fancies you as a potential boyfriend for faggotry or butt to pirate; Not cool he brofaked you.
Frequent "slips" into brohomoism conversation was the first warning sign his bro was really a faggot with a brohomocrush

Guys can't be bros with homos who fancy them: the "brohomo" misnomer blasphemes the bro code. If the conversation is considered brohomoism by both guys the brohomocrush feelings are possibly mutual on some level. Do NOT conflate bro affection, brofection, with faggotry
by vogla January 22, 2013