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A rare condition which was discovered in the late 50's by a white man visiting pakistan. The Mocky species has been known to carry this condition for centuries. It is made up of every disease known to mad resulting in a disturbed hairy individual, who is always tired and coughing. the only known cure comes in the form of Coca-Cola taken twice daily during meal times. sodium chloride and vinigar potato snacks are vital for the condition to be kept under control. Mocky has known to resemble that of a terrorist, who seeked asylum in the UK nearly 20 years ago.

WARNING: He is known to be contageous
Doctor Doctor, ive got a cold
Doctor Doctor, ive got rabies
Doctor Doctor, ive got hey fever
Doctor doctor, ive got a bad back
Doctor Doctor, ive got arthiritis
Doctor Doctor ive got memory loss
Doctor doctor, i forgot all my other conditions, i was cotchin' in PCR

Doctor: Im afraid youve got Mocky Syndrome
by Mocky December 09, 2003
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