MJ has LOTSA happy go luckey meanings! *Falls down with glee*

1) Anime freak or Otaku (Literaly meaning fan-poodle)
2) Constant target of being Yavuzed on.
3) Completley AMAZING DDR player who can do MaxPeriod in Heavy.
4) Someone with slight lack of comitment.
5) A complete dork who has gotten further with their sketchbook than you. Ha ha!
6) A to-be transexual. What?! THATS COOL!
7) Yaoi lover *Purrs*
8) Kaiatteh glomper.
9) TOTALY twisted synical person who cant set the limits of when to stop saying homosexual.
10) Compulsive jhonen Vasquez fan.
Because theres too much MJ to fit in your mouth!

Um I know... *Awkward scilence* We can play a game. Okay, close your eyes. *Rummage rummage* Okay now! Can you find your liver? n_n;;
by MJ June 04, 2004
Top Definition
1. Michael Jackson
2. Michael Jordan
3. marijuana
4. mah-jong
I really really love mj!
by abc July 30, 2004
nickname for the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson
I love that MJ song Billie Jean
by Anonymous July 19, 2003
Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, THE Michael Jackson, the moonwalk man, lead singer of The Jackson 5
Bob: I wish Michael Jackson hadn't died

Larry: Ja, MJ was awesomesauce
by AslansJewel July 30, 2009
short for Michael Jordan
Mj is one of the best ballers of all time.
by Hong November 16, 2003
Mary Jane.

Either marijuana or that chick in Spiderman.
Mmhmm. MJ is fine! A nice piece of shit.
by LOLtasticals ~<3 January 08, 2008
Slang for Marijuana. From the word Mary-Jane.

Popular term from the mid 1960's Mary-Jane was created from the literal English translation Mari = Mary and Juana = Jane.
-"Hey, how's the MJ?"
*"Its dank, try some."
-"Awesome stuff, I feel it already."
*"MJ's the shit!"
by MJ is Mary-Jane December 04, 2011
A mix between Arnold Palmer's Iced Tea/Lemonade and beer.
Pass me that so i can create an MJ. Man I just had 3 MJ's
by Mr. Bindi January 08, 2011
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