One that is good at glitching and/or styling in TH series.
OMFG there's an MJ here#!!$#$#$!#$%
by MJ October 22, 2004
Acronym for Mambo Jambo...official word of the Hot Dog Society, Scirotti family, Book Of Crek, World of Cibalom, 33 Massive, and Zanzibar nation.
Other forms could be Mambo J, M Jambo, Mambo Jason, Mambo Jamaica.
Means OK/Good/Alright
-How was that blowjob?
by Santosh Kumar May 28, 2003
A douchecake,
a person possessing or presenting the qualities of a douchecake
Wow, Shut the fuck up MJ!
by AngryBeaver March 21, 2009
Boxers, Shirts && Pajamas
The Hanes Man Himself!
by GoshDawn June 18, 2008
short for marijke
my hot sexy beast who needs to get with Grant,
"oh mj I want you"
"ew Marios get away from me"
by hehe January 24, 2005
the best radio personality known to man
MJ Kelly host of the MJ morning show on 93.3 FLZ
by Megan December 01, 2003
Michael Johnston, looks like a penis with a dirty stash. Someday he will shave it. His girlfriend has fat rolls, i fucked them. e loves em fat, and plays with his bat. He also scissors dayly:)
hey MJ, what a fag.
by flashito May 21, 2008

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