a girl gives you head then kisses you without your knowledge
the bitch did a "MJ" on me yesterday
by djl789 July 21, 2010
a snowboard trick where you go onto the box only touching your toe edge and slide the whole thing. Super Skecth, but super steez
Joe: i did a 720 butter yay!
bob; fuck that! i can mj the up box
by Tahoe Bob February 09, 2008
Disc Jockey + M.C = M.J
Im a M.J - give me the mic or the mixer - Gets me!

Dat man ent just an M.C he's a D.J as well.
by ~Dark.1~ December 21, 2004
Marijuana...and that gay fuck on the Real World-Philadelphia. But..mostly a shorter name for marijuana then pot.
"Is there anywhere I could score some MJ?"
by Ashley December 23, 2004
Mary Jane. Also known as Spiderman's girlfriend/wife.
Hey check out those hooters!
Shh, dickhead! She's MJ, Spidey's ho.
by KidProQuo July 23, 2004
similar to DJ (DISC JOCKEY) but MJ (MUSIC JOCKEY)signifies the music could be in any format, not just discs.
wow, that mj sure mixes those tapes well.
by Brenda mj July 03, 2003
1. a BJ or HJ that does not get finished, named after the initials of M. Judges. See also to pull a judges.
"-Did she give you a BJ?"
"-No man, I only got a MJ. It was hella bunk."
by the finisher May 31, 2008
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