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1. Michael Jackson
2. Michael Jordan
3. marijuana
4. mah-jong
I really really love mj!
by abc July 30, 2004
a slang and sort of racist way to say chinese people
"dawg, those chinks have small eyes"
"fizzle doh!"
by abc November 16, 2004
a hidden/indirect diss towards another person.
I'm tired of this fool spittin' subliminals at me.
by abc March 30, 2005
1. An indian male who gets everyone's attention...center of attraction.
2. The diva of "coolness"
3. An indian with extreme drumming skills
1. Woah! Cool drumming-i wish my band had a dhruv!
2. Im sick of him! He takes all the attention - who does he think he is? Dhruv?
by ABC December 12, 2003
a phrase uttered in encouragement meaning: "muster your courage, intestinal fortitude and love for the American-way in preparation for an upcoming (or admist a) challenge
of epic proportions!"
(uttered many times by one of the dudes in the movie "The Matrixs:Revolutions" during battle
against the electro-mechanical foe)
"Here they come boys ... Knuckle up!"
by abc July 13, 2004
shit boy, u were horsed yesterday night!
by abc September 14, 2003
When something happens when somone is not expecting it...

... Also a kickass punk band www.caughtoffguard.co.uk
"I just got punched in the face... I was Caught off Guard!"

"Caught off Guard rock!"
by ABC April 22, 2004

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