The worlds greates basketball player next to Larry Bird and David Robinson. Short for Michal Jordan
M.J. is the man
by Maulinator9 April 08, 2004
MARY JANE! or marajuana
by baby girl November 17, 2003
the most fearless animal in all the animal kingdom, and the most awesome.
See that honey bagder digging?
Its so Mj
by Ironlung84 January 17, 2012
Stands for Michael Jackson
MJ is such a awesome performer.
MJ is Innocent and childlike.
by AsLonelyAsAngelMichael. August 23, 2006
a girl who first made some dinosaurs out of clay then brought them all the way from NY to NC just for some jerk she barely knew, that just happend to instantly fall for her. eventually fell in mad love with her while she kept him happy scratching his back, then she went home and i was sad, then she came back. and i made her a dinosaur. and we made mickey pizza. and i love her more than the sun the moon and the stars. a sexy orange lil pumpkin that kicks ass at sticker making and rages life and makes her boyfriend feel amazing.
random: "M.J. is your booasaur?"
me: "absolutely, yes"
by booasaur July 12, 2009
This word, as agreed on by a large number of people, stands for mango juice.
I had MJ for breakfast with my bacon and eggs. It was soooo good.
by 9Alien February 11, 2013
Most retarded of all hippies, usually appearing with long hair and a Jew nose of unbelievable proportions. Often appears with a cat that looks to be a small cow. Be cautious of this particular string of retarded hippie.
Example: M.J. Michael
by Screw You M.J. Heh Heh Heh Heh October 07, 2008
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