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The male counterpart of a mistress.
Friend 1: He's a fine piece of ass!
Friend 2: If I were married, he'd so be my mister!
by NatVé November 13, 2006
A title used informally to signify respect between two people but without actually meaning it.
"What time do you call this, Mister Ben?"
by Mr Ben February 07, 2005
Relating to the size of a man's penis, if it is especially large, then they call him Mister.

(Short form Mr.)
When you're this big, they call you Mister.

you should totally do Mr. Ricky.
by infinate March 14, 2010
something that blows mist
there are misters in line at six flags
by ~Jason~ May 24, 2004
Somebody that you have tried to get out of your life, usually a male, but you can't because you know they need you almost as much as you need them.
Person: So what's going on with mister?

Me: Trying to delete him out of my life. Not working.
by unluckyness November 17, 2010
this is the phrase used when the mister mister lady jumps on the bonnet of Happy Gilmoures car....! it is also used when anyone jumps on a car bonnet.
Vixster: look annie BOOMER
annie: (jumps on bonnet) MISTER!!!
by Rwolbic May 10, 2005
To long for another;to feel empty without
I told my girlfriend when I was in jail that I mister!
by Little K and Big Willey April 29, 2008
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