1)used to describe a funny action that a person does 2)or used to show humourous fustration at yourself for making a mistake.Both uses should be said in a high pitch voice for a maximum 2 seconds.
1) kid falls off bike.James:" MINT!"
2) John misses an open goal.John: " MINT!"
by Carlo Rocco February 16, 2008
Meaning cool in 1960's lingo. As seen in the Destiel fan fiction "Twist and Shout" said by Sam
"Wow dean that was really mint"
by What and ever August 15, 2014
Acting like you don't really understand something when you really do, or doing annoying things.
*Phil is a straight a student and does all of his homework*

Chris: Hey Phil did you do your math project, it is worth 2 test grades?
Phil: Wait, we had math homework...I didn't know!
Chris: Stop being so mint...RIGHT NOW
by Extra Spearmint November 07, 2012
Chill, cool, nice
Jake: Well i look forward to seeing you :)

Audree : Same here(:

Jake : Mint :)
by Emiillyy April 29, 2012
unit of time, equal to 60 seconds
Boss: you can do it later
Lackey: i can do it now, it will take few mints.
by wowallthegoodnamesaretaken March 02, 2012
Acronym for "Mom I'd Not Turn (down)"

A female of or just beyond child-bearing years who is mildly attractive, especially when assessed during periods of moderate inebriation.
Remember that MINT at the bar last night? She gave me an Old Fashioned in the parking lot after buying a dozen shots.
by ButFingaz June 30, 2011
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