1) When something/someone is so indescribable in the worst way possible.


2) When something/someone is way too good for life, you cant even explain. (still a bad thing)


3) When something happens in your life that you wish never did.
1) lg: honestly, my life is so mint right now, i can't comprehend.

2) yb: seriously though, he is so mint....

3) lh: last night was so mint.
by minttt_101 June 05, 2009
1. dyme, refreshn, clean an good as it gets
1: "a how yo girl loook"

2: "nigga my girl is mint"
by eraghafghd March 02, 2008
a virgin, called such because they are untouched, still brand new, in mint condition.
Matt: Damn dude that chick is hella fine and u said she hasn't experienced the touch of a man?

Buck: Yep, she's a mint.
by the V-man November 15, 2007
Adjetive used to describe excellent and /or perfect conditions in skiing. Originated from the term "mint condition" used to describe coins or collectables that are brand new or straight from the mint.
It dumped two feet of champange powder overnight and now the sun is coming out for a bluebird day. I am super stoked because Its gonna be mint conditions tomorrow. Can i get a ride to the mountain?
by jeff matthews December 21, 2006
A discreet expression used to describe hot females walking near you. An expression used to emphasize greatness. A simplistic word used to reference common terms such as sweet, cool, awesome, good, great, aww shit, hot damn, coot, cooter, cooch, pinkie, etc. A word used to ask if someone got ass. In general, a term used in a fragmented sentence to express happiness and delight. Also, used as a common synonym for girlfriend.
That broad has some mint bomb pieces (bp's). I must say girl, your performance in bed was mint. Dinner was pretty mint tonight. Yo, did you mint it out last night. Fucking mint! I brought my mint piece to the party.
by E$ May 05, 2006
new, tags still on it
damn son, that cd is newer than mint
by dontfux July 20, 2005
Something that you need right now.
Yo, Man. Go eat a mothafuckin mint!
by sexsexsexandmoresex October 22, 2011

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