A urinal sanitizer, usually shaped like a giant, colored Altoid.
I like to pee on the mint in the urinal.
by dhfbednchfb February 19, 2010
it's another form of saying cool/sound/great

usually used by kids from de hood or packs of teenagers
Do u like my nike dunks ?
-Now dey are mint
by kp:P June 01, 2009
Acting like you don't really understand something when you really do, or doing annoying things.
*Phil is a straight a student and does all of his homework*

Chris: Hey Phil did you do your math project, it is worth 2 test grades?
Phil: Wait, we had math homework...I didn't know!
Chris: Stop being so mint...RIGHT NOW
by Extra Spearmint November 07, 2012
Chill, cool, nice
Jake: Well i look forward to seeing you :)

Audree : Same here(:

Jake : Mint :)
by Emiillyy April 29, 2012
Mint is a universal word. Most commonly used to describe something someone finds greatly to their own approval.
"Hey everybody, look at my train and owl collection. Don't you think it's Mint?"
by ATM4LYF March 20, 2012
unit of time, equal to 60 seconds
Boss: you can do it later
Lackey: i can do it now, it will take few mints.
by wowallthegoodnamesaretaken March 02, 2012
verb- Mint- to mint, minting, minted.

A replacement for the expression "coining a phrase"
because COIN is not a verb...and anyway, you don't coin a coin, you mint one...hence....minting a phrase.
I thought I had minted the phrase "Cropdusting" turns out I had not.
by Conner 'Superboy' Kent October 16, 2011

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