Noun - Someone of small stature and/or muscularity.Lacking size

Adjective - Minty

Antonym - Yoked

Matt you are a mint.
Get into the weight room you minty P.O.S
by AntiMint November 19, 2008
cold, incapable of emotions, emotionless, cold hearted
That bouncer was minty! He wouldn't let us into the show.

Dude 1: Hey man, share that pizza
Dude 2: Hell no. Get your own.
Dude 1: Damn, what a mint.
by Ashley Allie May 11, 2008
Chill, cool, nice
Jake: Well i look forward to seeing you :)

Audree : Same here(:

Jake : Mint :)
by Emiillyy April 29, 2012
Mint is a universal word. Most commonly used to describe something someone finds greatly to their own approval.
"Hey everybody, look at my train and owl collection. Don't you think it's Mint?"
by ATM4LYF March 20, 2012
verb- Mint- to mint, minting, minted.

A replacement for the expression "coining a phrase"
because COIN is not a verb...and anyway, you don't coin a coin, you mint one...hence....minting a phrase.
I thought I had minted the phrase "Cropdusting" turns out I had not.
by Conner 'Superboy' Kent October 16, 2011
Something you did that was bar none, marvelous. This shit is as close to perfect as you can get. Whatever it is you did there isn't much more of a compliment to something whether it was a play in a football game, or the camel toe of your TILF across the hall....
John: Hey how was that bitch's ass last night?...the one you banged

Dan: Oh it was real Mint..

Conner: Yo i was eating some pussy last night after our football game, tasted so much better..It was Mint as fuck.

Brandon: Dude..i farted

Ethan: Mint.
by Mikehawk413420 October 12, 2011
a adjective describing a hot girl or reference to something good that happens.
a "mint" girl/chick (a hot girl)
by larosa97 July 06, 2010

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