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loaded , lot of money or can mean good
he's minted
by June 03, 2003
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to be rich
wow she's minted!
by Amy October 28, 2003
To be die by a mint, mint flavoured item.
Person A: Did you hear about Tim?

Person B: No, what happened?

Person A: He tried to eat an entire pack of polo's in one and died.

Person B: Ah man, what a minted bitch.
by mintman574 March 19, 2010
describes something in a good way
this game we are playing is minted
by Sam February 28, 2005
it is an another new word that is like cool or ace it means that something is new and exciting.
wow that new television set is sooo minted OR i really want the new 'urbz' game it is really mint
by Lauren March 10, 2005
a word used to describe ones motor vehicle or other prized possesion. Often used by townie(s).
1."eh, that's one minited motor innit!"
2."eh, tel your mum that she was minted last night!"
by Goose666 April 09, 2004
Fantastic; awesome; cool.
1- Her hat is minted!
2- Whoa, that holiday was minted!
3- He is so not minted.
by kitty-24 November 28, 2009

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