Mint a word used to describe that something is good. If a item is mint it means it is really good product. Mint is also something that is eaten after dinner, or left on a pillow. Mints are also eaten when one's breath is terrible enough that people block their nose when talking to you.
For example
"That's a pretty mint truck dude!"
Person 1 "So how's your day going?"
Person 2 "Pretty Mint thanks for asking."
by MoonSunStar April 07, 2008
A word used mainly by bogans to describe something in a positive manner (usually rusty old cars). An alternative for the word sweet.
"Its a mint day aye?"
"Bro, I just seen this mint holden"
"Yeah it had no motor but the body was mint as"
"Nice paint job, hardly any rust. It's a real minta"
by wots my name again June 28, 2005
as from a mint: pristine; beautiful; without wear; cherry
dude was rockin an 80's huffy BMX tricked out like a chopper. shit was mint!
by badronnie October 29, 2004
gaming Alias; By many considered to be the best european sniper in the Call of Duty series.
mint fires off a mint shot
by twillburn April 23, 2008
Mainly a word used by scallies in Manchester to describe something appealing tot them. -not all mancs use it coz i'm a Manc and i dont speak like a twat.
E-ah-yo check out dat graffiti its mint
by Dave June 04, 2003
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