somethin gud !
lad 1: Do you think i shud go wit katie?
lad 2: Ye shes well mint!
lad 1: I suppose.
by jennifer robinson December 05, 2003
The aussie word taking over many high schools in WA... That cass likes to think is cool.
cool in that sentence could have been MINT!
But we like to think as mint meaning hot, good looking.. etc
"That guy is so mint!"
by Cassika September 23, 2005
a tasty treat that i give my horse
also as in a mint card
and odd shaped nose
sumin a hamster is attracked to
nice tasting
by zoe June 10, 2004
a much better word for kool cuz uhm as we all know kool is officially dead and unless u be a nigga u say me...
uhm stealing is mint cuz u dont need to use money...
by Jessica THE JESSICA December 22, 2003
Used a lot by Hockey Fags in Lively, Ontario, Canada. Used to describe something that is good, like my MINT Ford Truck or a MINT polaris sled.
Ah, what are ya drivin'? That Arctic Cat is Toilet, Cats can't swim! Now, take a look at my MINT Polaris.
by Anonymous November 13, 2002
Popular code word that is usually facilitaded with alcoholic beverages.
Yo, is you be gettin any mints tonight?
Fo sho, we is gonna get wasted
by Michael Reznike June 29, 2006
A code word for condoms made up at a hotel party in 2005 by a group of teenage boys when they purchased condoms from a gas station that was near the hotel most of them were use as water balloons that night but one of the teens saved two and brought them to school where he proceeded to pill them up with soap to make it look like jizz then put it in his Ex girlfriends locker (none of the condoms were used in a gay way)
Guy 1- We need to think of a word to say condoms without your dad knowing we have them
Guy 2- Hmmm let me think......condom.....condoments!!!
Guy 1- To obvious
Guy 3 (Walks In With Lifesaver Mint)- Hey guys whats up?
Guy 1 & 2- MINTS!!!!!!!!!
and that is how mints became a code word for condoms
by JA ttiL June 18, 2007

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