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money; aromatic plant used to flavor candy and such; confections flavored with mint
"some people need to have a fuqin mint before they open ther stank ass mouth one more tym..."
by go2sleep bia September 24, 2003
a virgin, called such because they are untouched, still new, in mint condition
Matt: Damn dude that chick is hella fine and u said she hasn't experienced the touch of a man?

Buck: Yep, she's a mint.
by The Vishus One January 17, 2008
A word used mainly by bogans to describe something in a positive manner (usually rusty old cars). An alternative for the word sweet.
"Its a mint day aye?"
"Bro, I just seen this mint holden"
"Yeah it had no motor but the body was mint as"
"Nice paint job, hardly any rust. It's a real minta"
by wots my name again June 28, 2005
as from a mint: pristine; beautiful; without wear; cherry
dude was rockin an 80's huffy BMX tricked out like a chopper. shit was mint!
by badronnie October 29, 2004
this is mint!!!
by ??? February 03, 2003
Mainly a word used by scallies in Manchester to describe something appealing tot them. -not all mancs use it coz i'm a Manc and i dont speak like a twat.
E-ah-yo check out dat graffiti its mint
by Dave June 04, 2003
great, awesome, wordhot
that car is mint
that girl is mint
by marta April 21, 2003
That girl had big mints.
by table May 28, 2003