A UK term meaning 'ugly'. The verb is 'mingin' The G is prounced with a hard sound (as in Gun).
Man, he's a real minger.


Man, he's really mingin.
by PeteGinis March 17, 2006
A female with any undesirable quality, whether it be physical or emotional. All women who fall into this category have this title attached to themselves until they prove otherwise.
Hey Dougie, that Ipswich minger was at least a six pack. I can't believe you went their.
by Matty Bowen May 18, 2008
A midget ginger. It is often characterized by pale skin, freckles, midgetry and red hair. They are often highly annoying and sometimes might try to jump you for your "dope". If one attempts to do this make sure you send him away with mingers favorite food, carrots. Mingers often provide the lolz for many jokes. Such as "Why did the minger cross the road? FAGGOT!". As you can tell mingers have a low sense of humor and their most often used word is FAGGOT! Mingers are meant to be avoided.
"Hey look at that hilarious minger over there! He looks so funny in his little outfit!"
by Jackothewacko February 22, 2008
A motorcycle stunt done by riding on the rear wheel while the front tyre is raised in the air. A Wheelie.
Mingers are bad MmmmK? (Klink)
This dude just busted out a stand up Minger the entire way over the Mount Henry Bridge,it was awesome.
The Gixxer thou,a pure bred Minger Machine.

by Tazmanian May 05, 2007
very ugly person (in london this is prnounced minga)
oh my god that person is such a minger
by rej April 14, 2006
Basically minger is an ugly person!

To be a minger you need to be:

(fat, retard, just plain ugly and have big, bushy eye-brows!)

These are not my opinions so don't shout at me >_>
Oh wat a minger, mate!
Yesh she is fat, a retard, just plain ugly and has big, bushy eye-brows!

Lol sossie! (Harriet clarke - jk)
by Flora Veale August 05, 2005
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