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another slang for butterz or ugly. Usually used by cockney people.
neak:that boys like a total minger!
by ((((( November 05, 2003
A woman who probably wears the same foundation for 24hrs straight and uses deoderant every two days.... fact!
any skank who believes the maybelline ads is a minger
by scottpat April 29, 2010
A pre-op transexual. Used in many songs by Aussie HipHop stars, Bliss N Eso
"I got these mingers pingin wishin they had extra holes"

"That stripper has junk"
by PrimeMC May 02, 2009
Exceptionally ugly, and are usually smelly.
If you are living with one, DO NOT LET IT OUT THE HOUSE!!
I think you should not go outside due to the fact you are a minger
by Misticat McMingming April 27, 2009
A female with any undesirable quality, whether it be physical or emotional. All women who fall into this category have this title attached to themselves until they prove otherwise.
Hey Dougie, that Ipswich minger was at least a six pack. I can't believe you went their.
by Matty Bowen May 18, 2008
A midget ginger. It is often characterized by pale skin, freckles, midgetry and red hair. They are often highly annoying and sometimes might try to jump you for your "dope". If one attempts to do this make sure you send him away with mingers favorite food, carrots. Mingers often provide the lolz for many jokes. Such as "Why did the minger cross the road? FAGGOT!". As you can tell mingers have a low sense of humor and their most often used word is FAGGOT! Mingers are meant to be avoided.
"Hey look at that hilarious minger over there! He looks so funny in his little outfit!"
by Jackothewacko February 22, 2008
gross, uber gross, uglier than ugly.
When a girl/boy who is so ugly and disgusting, calling he/she ugly would be a nice thing to say, use the word "minger"

In other words, an unattractive or unpleasant person.
hey Ryan, how ugly is the girl over there?

She's worse than ugly, she's minger!
by AzzA0608 December 21, 2006