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sum1 who is challanged look-wise
gosh man, dat guy ova der is a propa mingrat.yuck!
by Mingrat July 21, 2003
Ugly person.

Word is slang used mostly in Northern England.
That girl over there is a Minger!
by Lil' Rach June 13, 2003
one whose score is lower than a three in hot or not
Don't fancy yours much! shes a ming vase, mate!
by red wine bitch January 03, 2003
A mix of a ginger and mangohead. The ending result,minger, is very unattractive. People usually do not accept them because of their looks.
Minger, make some friends.
by Gussy Foreman March 02, 2008
A motorcycle stunt done by riding on the rear wheel while the front tyre is raised in the air. A Wheelie.
Mingers are bad MmmmK? (Klink)
This dude just busted out a stand up Minger the entire way over the Mount Henry Bridge,it was awesome.
The Gixxer thou,a pure bred Minger Machine.

by Tazmanian May 05, 2007
rednut fat chick that no one ever liked or wanted to touch
"yuck, you got with minger. DUDE!'
by maddawwwwwwwgs May 05, 2007
very ugly person (in london this is prnounced minga)
oh my god that person is such a minger
by rej April 14, 2006