a minger is some one who is butt ugly in every way. someone who gives you unpleasent shivers of the spine makes your skin crawl. just plain ewwww.
Collins; On the page, OK, he's pretty bad. In the flesh, he's all-time king of the mingers!
by LIA FAN August 28, 2009
Someone who is down right ugly!
Yuk, I dont fancy yours much! what a minger!
by fashanu April 23, 2003
Exceptionally ugly, and are usually smelly.
If you are living with one, DO NOT LET IT OUT THE HOUSE!!
I think you should not go outside due to the fact you are a minger
by Misticat McMingming April 27, 2009
gross, uber gross, uglier than ugly.
When a girl/boy who is so ugly and disgusting, calling he/she ugly would be a nice thing to say, use the word "minger"

In other words, an unattractive or unpleasant person.
hey Ryan, how ugly is the girl over there?

She's worse than ugly, she's minger!
by AzzA0608 December 21, 2006
noun: Minger:

1. A man/woman who lacks asthetic pleasing qualities, i.e. boot ugly

2. Someone who lacks hygenical values, i.e. a total stinker
1. That girl over there is a total minger

2. Look at that stinker, what a minger!
by Mattfink October 06, 2006
a) an extremely ugly person
b) a motorcycle wheelie
a) Jesus christ, that bitch is a complete cunting minger!
b) Last night I lofted a 1st gear minger!
by th0^ August 08, 2006
A UK term meaning 'ugly'. The verb is 'mingin' The G is prounced with a hard sound (as in Gun).
Man, he's a real minger.


Man, he's really mingin.
by PeteGinis March 17, 2006

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