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Someone who is down right ugly!
Yuk, I dont fancy yours much! what a minger!
by fashanu April 23, 2003
An insult or a describing word. Means : gross, horrible, ugly and disguisting. You can say something is minging, e.g clothes, food and somebody. This word is normally used among British teenagers from a poorer back ground. The richer or middle class British teen will some times use it in a sentence to make fun of poorer teens or chavs. Pronounced m-ing-er or m-ing-ing.
Jokey kind of way to a friend "stop being so annoying you minger" or "ewww your food looks minging"

Mean way "your face is minging" or "your mums a minger"
by goldfairydust September 08, 2009
a minger is some one who is butt ugly in every way. someone who gives you unpleasent shivers of the spine makes your skin crawl. just plain ewwww.
Collins; On the page, OK, he's pretty bad. In the flesh, he's all-time king of the mingers!
by LIA FAN August 28, 2009
an ugly or highly unattractive person
jeez, she`s a real minger
by Mark n Jo January 10, 2006
Means ass-ugly female. Used in UK mostly.
She is much a minger, innit
by Dave February 27, 2005
Someone who is facially inept, fat, retarded, or ugly in any other kind of way. Also see - minging and ming

Closely relates to munter
"oh my god, look at that minging bird"

"that fat chick is a complete minger"

"oh boy, she mings"
by Kathie<3 April 09, 2004
One whose ugliness is ,they hope, in inverse proportion to their personality. If only they knew...
Keep that minger away from me!!
by alkie chris November 25, 2003