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Basically minger is an ugly person!

To be a minger you need to be:

(fat, retard, just plain ugly and have big, bushy eye-brows!)

These are not my opinions so don't shout at me >_>
Oh wat a minger, mate!
Yesh she is fat, a retard, just plain ugly and has big, bushy eye-brows!

Lol sossie! (Harriet clarke - jk)
by Flora Veale August 05, 2005
A typical Welsh word used to describe an ugly person. Usually the alternative to "hangin'" or "cowface".
Oh my god, you fucking MINGER!
by Lucy July 10, 2004
The best name for the unattractable gareth lock
really u shud look at gareth
by horney henry December 01, 2003
a woman u take out back and shoot
damn that chick is minger (I'd Better go take her out back and shoot her)
by Drew DFWM Carter November 13, 2003
a female that usuely fat and ugel and a mong
i can not beleve you shaged that fat co hassel winter she is so fat
by the fanny wrangeler March 28, 2003
In Upstate NY, the word describes someone who could really be any age, but directly relates to they're job. They could be male but are MOST LIKELY female. They have a do-nothing job, but think the world would come to a HALT if they stopped showing up. In fact, the complete opposite is true. AKA: working for the state government. They're overweight. The wear t-shirts and sweatpants to work. Most likely the t-shirt is screen printed with a Wolf Baying at the moon or something similar. These people constantly complain about their husband's. Saying he does nothing is and/or useless. Chances are he's the hardest working motherfucker on the PLANET. Mingers also talk about recipes of the MOST disgusting food. aka: Tuna noodle casserole or favorite frozen fish sticks. These people can EASILY be found in Wal-Mart, K-Mart or any other marts searching for deals on the most useless junk that no one needs. OH, they also only make one facial expression, it's like they're constantly staring into the sun, and most times their tongues are just barely sticking out. Most importantly they COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING.
Minger: Every person that sucks at life, that you CANNOT avoid.
by DannyboyUpstate March 31, 2007
orininating on the continent of Australia, the term "minger" or scientific term, man'in'ger'bia'tch, has evolved from the stonage and is the general word mostly used by males to define a bad horrible smell or disturbingly ugly female. But can be used by females theres no rule against it.
Fuck!, she is a dirty minger, or 'that shit is minging', or 'what an ugly minger'
by Stoney KPSC RULES lol January 02, 2005