A woman who probably wears the same foundation for 24hrs straight and uses deoderant every two days.... fact!
any skank who believes the maybelline ads is a minger
#ming #skank #bobfoc #tramp #jaky
by scottpat April 29, 2010
A pre-op transexual. Used in many songs by Aussie HipHop stars, Bliss N Eso
"I got these mingers pingin wishin they had extra holes"

"That stripper has junk"
#minger #minga #mingre #preop transexual #trannie #minguh
by PrimeMC May 02, 2009
A mix of a ginger and mangohead. The ending result,minger, is very unattractive. People usually do not accept them because of their looks.
Minger, make some friends.
#ugly #friendless #ginger #mangohead #gross
by Gussy Foreman March 02, 2008
The best name for the unattractable gareth lock
really u shud look at gareth
by horney henry December 01, 2003
a nice person with the face of a bull dogs ass
look at that fuckin minger
that person is really minged out
by tom December 01, 2003
a woman u take out back and shoot
damn that chick is minger (I'd Better go take her out back and shoot her)
by Drew DFWM Carter November 13, 2003
AAAAAAAGRHRGRHGRHGRHGRHRG... fucken ugly, like, very ugly, ugly as in, UGLY as in gross, horrible, disgusting, fat, with bad breath, yellow teeth, dirty hair, and all that ew shit...
What a fucking minga!!!!!weiohfohew
by sonjey April 21, 2004
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