A washed up boxer who WAS one of the greatest of all time until he bit off an ear, went to jail, and then pissed away all the money he made during his career. Now he tries to act in movies to make a little money so he can just piss that away while looking like a complete idiot talking with his lisp.
If Chuck Liddell doesn't leave UFC now he will end up being another Mike Tyson
by jmaddox December 09, 2010
when a guy eats out a girl & randomly out of nowhere bites her vagina.
Thomas pulled a mike tyson the other day.

Her vagina hurt because her boyfriend pulled a mike tyson.
by crazyychickk001 December 05, 2010
when u fuck a bitch until she is unconscious
yo I fucked her so hard she was unconscious. I pulled a mike tyson.
by gjyukgymgyu March 30, 2008
When someone gets upset usually about something that everyone else thinks is funny usually while in a drunken stupor, and decides to bite the closest person, usually on the ear. Can be in anger or in a sexual manner.
Aliya: How was your night last night?
Vegas: My night was good but I saw some crazy bitch Mike Tyson a kid. He turned and punched that bitch in the head.
by Baby Mills March 14, 2010
a sexual act in which a peron puts one fist into the vagina, and another into the anus of a woman and then tries box her internally
Im gonna mike tyson yo' ass
by mike tyson bicth July 11, 2009
A black mongoloid, who will bite your ear off if he begins to lose. He also will not be kicked out of the tournament, or any others, for such a deed.
Mike Tyson says, "RARGH! ME MIKE TYSON! EAR GOOD!"
by Amerikaner August 26, 2006
To fist a girl, then(orgasm optional), bite a chunk of her ear.
Chad gave Chloe a Mike Tyson, after which, she could not hear.
by d8e21w89 August 08, 2006

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