The true definition of nigger. A piss-poor person who has been convicted of rape and most certainly other serious criminial offences.
Son: Dad, what is a nigger?
Dad: Mike Tyson

If it wasnt for his vicious punching ability, id probably smack Mike Tyson around for being the true definition of a nigger.
by you know who dis is November 19, 2006
An imbred coward son of a bitch pro boxer who bit Evander Holyfield's ear off during a fight.
Evander Holyfield: Aughhhhh!!!! You bit my ear off!!!!
M.T. is being dragged out of the ring
by Dick Weed 4017 June 20, 2007
Mike Tyson is an ear eater! He eats REAL elephant ears for breakfast!
When Mike Tyson fought Holyfield, he proved to be NR8R!
by Gregg Brady July 25, 2006
To rape someone.
After losing a bet, Matt was forced to Mike Tyson a homeless man or become an egg-asser... he chose the former.
by Sanias March 16, 2004
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