Anything smaller than usual but sometimes better or funnier than average compared to how small it is. They are Beasts at basketball but get swatted because of their shortness.
that midget(person) was 3 feet tall

I had a midget lunch today
by Failcantcompete March 05, 2009
midgets, the perfect object to punt into a wall
that midget stole me gold!!!
by Pakidz December 07, 2006
1. Offensive. An extremely small person who is otherwise normally proportioned.
2. A small or miniature version of something.
3. A class of small objects, as a class of very small sailboats or racing cars.
-Issac: Hey David, who is that 10-year-old sitting next to you in chemistry?
-David: No, man. That's Marco, my midget friend
by issac nabiyev May 15, 2008
The most amazing species on the world, short and cute.
"aww midget! your so adorable!"
by jadeeyx June 01, 2009
noun-a being which packs twice the sexiness of a normal human into a considerably smaller frame.
Unlike monkeys, midgets are eye level to everything good in life.
by Anonymous August 01, 2003
A man of small stature...

...Thomas Brock Jones
Guy 1: Holy shit that dude's a midget!

Guy 2: Yea He's like a little Brock Jones
by NG-6 February 21, 2008
small but perfectly formed (no offence, but completely different to dwarves) and yes, we certainly do kick ass!
midget means beautiful diminutive creature,fantastic friend, fearsome enemy, less than 5' but can make a giant quiver in bed or in battle!
by minimidge July 14, 2006

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