Midget is a term otherwise used to describe such one as a donut.
"Look over there, its a midget"
" Nah ow bro I think its a donut"
by The Donut Factory October 19, 2012
often referred to as 'elfitis' midgets are defined as being vertically challenged and the center of most perverse porno films with low quality.
I just saw a 'midget' in a jar of jelly with 2 fat women
by reveal September 21, 2007
A very stubby armed, stubby legged person who needs to go through a taffy stretcher
Midget: *walks into a gardening store and taps on a person who works there* "e-excuse me.. wheres your miracle grow?"
by BeautyFag123 March 27, 2014
Modern-day "dwarves".
"Don't piss off a midget. They may look small but they're actually high-jumpers, and they know how to kick ass."

"Midgets can also kick their own heads. Look at Wee Man from Jackass! ^_^ "
by Dave June 21, 2004
A small,subspecies of humans. Well known for being short
They often get called other things as well, such as little people, ompa lompa or isabell
Omg you are such a midget right now
by cotchroacker1984 March 31, 2014
short people/adults
eg: martiolereiénna is a midget!
by risirai November 16, 2013
a unit of measurement. 3 feet tall and 64 lbs.
I am 2 midgets tall. I weigh 2 and a half midgets
by jewcakes44 February 12, 2010

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