group of suburban white women trying to be hip
Excuse me, but have you seen my midgets
by guruette December 24, 2002
A very small person who lives amongst us. They can be of any age or gender however they are tiny and petite for whatever age they may be.

Midget can also be used as an offence against dwarfs but this is rearely used.
Person 1: You are such a legit midget.
Person 2: I know, I am so tiny!
by Iđź’–building March 07, 2015
often referred to as 'elfitis' midgets are defined as being vertically challenged and the center of most perverse porno films with low quality.
I just saw a 'midget' in a jar of jelly with 2 fat women
by reveal September 21, 2007
Another term for mid-grade marijuana. It contains seeds and stems and will not get the user as high as the loud pack will. Midget is cheaper, but not always worth it especially if you have a lot of heads puffing on that blunt.
Man, pass that, I'm not chiefin' on no midget, I live on da loud.
by Cinnamon313 June 28, 2011
A very stubby armed, stubby legged person who needs to go through a taffy stretcher
Midget: *walks into a gardening store and taps on a person who works there* "e-excuse me.. wheres your miracle grow?"
by BeautyFag123 March 27, 2014
A small,subspecies of humans. Well known for being short
They often get called other things as well, such as little people, ompa lompa or isabell
Omg you are such a midget right now
by cotchroacker1984 March 31, 2014
a unit of measurement. 3 feet tall and 64 lbs.
I am 2 midgets tall. I weigh 2 and a half midgets
by jewcakes44 February 12, 2010

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