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Some one who is under (and i have reshrched this fact) 4' 8" is a midget. a drawf is under 4'2". I am 4' 10" which is not legally a midget to qualify for certien benifits. So all you mother fuckers who think i a m one FUCK OFF YOU WANKER!
Valerie is a white midget, with a black chicks ass! Yeah Boy!
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In real life, it is usually a very small person, used for entertainment, however, the word midget is also used as an insult, used at people who are smaller by about an inch, it's not fuckin nice at all, I'm not that tall and I'm called a midget at school, let me tell you, ANYONE calls me this one more time, I am gonna fuckin snap, I take my height very seriously, it's not my fuckin fault that I'm not some fuckin giant, some prick who I even consider a friend called me this, unless it's someone who can take a joke then don't fuckin say it to people, you think it's fuckin funny, it's not, why the fuck did I ave to get this height? Don't ask, it's fuckin stupid the shit like this
Fuck all you haters, anyone call me a midget RIGHT IN MY FUCKIN FACE I will fuckin SNAP, I'm pissed off because of my height, what the fuck is there problems? Dicklhead my so called fuckin friend knows how well I take jokes, so I might lose it with him
by Form of Despise January 06, 2006
15 39
acronym for 'mini idiots dangerously growing even tinier'
omg look @ da midget ova der.. hez lyk so smal!
by juss anotherr gurl... September 12, 2005
23 47
a short person, under 4 foot 10 inches, prefer being called a dwarf,(not that we care), like to kick butts,very annoying
all the little midgets around the world are gathering to figure out how to kick butts the easiest- watch out world- here come the midgets!!!!!!!!
by lalalala May 07, 2005
14 39
midgets are a bunch of short pussies that try to act hard but in reality fight like kindergarteners and have tiny penises (which is proportionate to their bodies)
fuck you stupidass midgets that say otherwise
by AngryMan October 02, 2004
32 57
freakishly short people, dwarfs, often hilarious.

midgetisism has various types and intensities.
HAHAHAHAHA that midget is hilarious. (said by me while watching man show)
by justin March 27, 2004
17 42
a little person who is small below and full.
me- tyler is a midget.
aubret- so is sean
by eerrrr.../ April 14, 2007
5 31