Another term for mid-grade marijuana. It contains seeds and stems and will not get the user as high as the loud pack will. Midget is cheaper, but not always worth it especially if you have a lot of heads puffing on that blunt.
Man, pass that, I'm not chiefin' on no midget, I live on da loud.
by Cinnamon313 June 28, 2011
Main Entry: midg·et
Pronunciation: \ˈmi-jət\
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: midge
Date: 1816

1: something (as an animal) much smaller than usual
2 : a monkey disguised as a clown
3: a front-engine, single-seat, open-wheel racing car smaller and of less engine displacement than standard cars of the type
Look at that midget swinging in the trees!
by theskanman July 13, 2008
A Term that is very offensive to those of small stature who prefer to be known as little people

Little Person: *round house kicks in the shin*
by TeenNinjaDwarf March 05, 2012
Someone with little or no money, Broke, poor, uneducated, unworldly as well
You are midget. You have no money no education or culture you have nothing going on for yourself at all to offer.
by Chesterfield October 17, 2013
a unit of measurement. Midget is 4 feet in length.
Its about 15 Midgets tall
by AKAN907 June 10, 2011
midgets, the perfect object to punt into a wall
that midget stole me gold!!!
by Pakidz December 07, 2006
The creature god created to keep the pedophiles at bay.
And on the 4214th day our lord created midgets.
by kdajklfdjak flda;s October 24, 2009

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