midgets are a bunch of short pussies that try to act hard but in reality fight like kindergarteners and have tiny penises (which is proportionate to their bodies)
fuck you stupidass midgets that say otherwise
by AngryMan October 02, 2004
freakishly short people, dwarfs, often hilarious.

midgetisism has various types and intensities.
HAHAHAHAHA that midget is hilarious. (said by me while watching man show)
by justin March 27, 2004
a little person who is small below and full.
me- tyler is a midget.
aubret- so is sean
by eerrrr.../ April 14, 2007
short people with alot drinking issues and works at freak show as side attretion
look at midget he always drunk
by jason mcroja August 19, 2005
A very small guy/gal normally very cocky, loud and hyper alot of the time very attractive to the opposite sex
ME filling up space
by Lil Tim March 29, 2004
1) An erect penis or dick that is small in size
2) A penis that is short with very little girth
3) A waste of time for a sexual experience
4) A penis that is shorter than the balls
5) Something that can give you nightmares
"Girl don't mess with him, he's working with a midget!"
"Look at the midget, he's just a little baby!"
by Blkfroggy June 28, 2006
-an interestingly annoying creature who does nothing but follow people around and repeating after them.
-usually is only 4 feet tall, with serious bucked front teeth and a shrieking laughter to boot
That midget classmate of mine is so annoying I'm not surprised if her mum decided to haul her onto the oncoming train.
by errkk January 04, 2005

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