mid grade marijuana
Yo you know where I can get any midget?
by livelovesmoke April 16, 2009
a unit of measurement: equal to 3 feet and 65 lbs.
I am 2 midgets tall. I weigh 2 and 1/3midget or little people. It snowed almost 2 midgets in philadelphia last week. Instead of a ruler I use a midget
by jewcakes44 February 14, 2010
People with a height disadvantage that are used for tall men to place their balls.
Oh, my balls hurt let me rest them on my midget.
by anth3m April 04, 2011
The most evil being on planet earth. They spend their days hunting mankind and eating our souls. They hide in vending machine, around dark corners, under bridges, and Nationals stadium. The natural born enemy of the pint sized menace is the Ginger, as they have no soul to eat.
Fighting midgets is the highest calling any Ginger can answer.
by deepthroat_nohomo May 29, 2012
God's personal punch lines.
Carlos is such a midget, everytime I see him I just wanna laugh.
by Sergio Galindo February 09, 2008
Midget is a term otherwise used to describe such one as a donut.
"Look over there, its a midget"
" Nah ow bro I think its a donut"
by The Donut Factory October 19, 2012
What you call someone shorter than you no matter what their height is. Usually this person isn't actually a midget, unless of course you want your achilles tendon cut out when you're not looking down.
Hey you might be a "midget" now but you'll grow up some day. How old are you again? 22? Oh well....
by Itsutsu Kami May 14, 2011

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