A unit of gravitational acceleration equal to one centimeter per second per second. cm/s^2
The Earth's gravitational acceleration equals 982.00 Gal
by All Hail The Ostrich January 07, 2016
Get A Life
Bobby: I don't have anything to do!

Joey: I know what you should do... G.A.L.

Everyone: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha*
by G.A.L. Foundation April 30, 2011
g a l or (g.a.l)
stands for get a life

The response to somebody who obsesses over something that is insignificant in the eyes of others. Someone who enjoys doing (or speaking of) things that involve no productivity.

Rachel: My boyfriend and i broke up AGAIN!
Sophie: Thats the third time this week! G A L!
by s0ph13 November 09, 2007
Although normally used as another name for a girl, it is also a name. A Gal is a beautiful, talented, extremely smart girl who has a load of friends. Her best friend may not live close by, but she's always there. Everyone loves her!! <3
"Gal is so sexy, isn't she, Leo?" "She is! Go ask her out, Jesse! We all know you love Gal." "Doesn't everyone love Gal? I just love her more."
by CamillaLaquisha April 25, 2010
another way of saying "get a life"
"So when are you going to play that game again"?
"gal and stop playing it"
by sharmota February 23, 2010
A carefully designed acronym.

Pretty sweet, huh?
Hey Otto,did you see G.A.L's A today?

by killposersericmelvin March 02, 2004
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