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A FAT MIDDLE AGED BALDING MALE who lives with his mom. He is a dull/common person. Someone lacking power who's mediocre in influence and potential. Someone who hasn't gotten far in the years they have been living on this Earth. Someone judgemental yet has no credentials to back his own bravado up. This term can be applied to anyone that thinks they are better than they really are yet have nothing to show for it. Name for a 'commoner' also due to Mike being a very common name for a male.
"Ew, you are going to end up a michael!"
by mugandstuff February 04, 2010
45 82
walks like a pimp with a limp! has theee huggest anaconda penis ever!

he swears like he is the best rapper ever!! you go to him if you need a ride! even if its right before a game! he willl finish you chinese food for you when you cant! and he has all the tight hookups of nozz!!

everyone loves michael!! especially girls named jasmine and destiny<3
girl#1-my boyfriend sucks butt.face! he won't take me to turnbull..

girl#2-aww you should of found a michael
by Michael's girl!! January 23, 2010
37 81
Noun: An incredibly effeminate homosexual. Michaels can usually be found staring intently into a Calvin Klein underwear ad paying particular attention to the groin region...whilst touching themselves.

One can normally make friends with Michaels by offering gifts such as window treatment catalogues and rubber penises.
Hi, Michael? I hear you really like penises, let's be special friends!
by Captain McDouche February 04, 2010
45 98
A large immovable force that is extremely corpulent and has a massive size or is more than the universe put together. Also a word to describe someone or something that exhibits monkey-like characteristics or one who is related to King Kong.
Me: Look at that Michael at the zoo.
Friend: Yea he's extremely grotesque and hard to look at.

Me: Oh look, there's a Michael at the top of the Empire State Building.
Friend: Ahhhhh! If he falls down onto the ground, the Earth will move out of the orbit.
by G-Kiddie December 23, 2009
66 125
A boy that is seemingly dangerous and adventurous on the outside, but is sweet and gentle on the inside. If you are lucky enough to be with Michael, you will quickly realize that he outshines your own intellect. WARNING: He might go for your balls. if he does call this number...
346-5634! Make sure you never sing Jump on it with him near, he will HUMP random things!
Radio:"JUMP ON IT!"
Michael:*humpin the chair! Humpin the chair*
by ryhdrthrthrthrth February 04, 2010
19 79
A name that usually implies a VERY creepy person. Almost everyone with the name Michael is a perverted freak.
"What a perv.I bet that dude's name is Michael."
by Your mom said this. December 19, 2009
85 147
The Indentation on your legs after wearing socks is known as a Michael.

Named after the person who decided we needed a name for it.
"Oh wow, look at my shins!"
"Haha look at how your socks have Michael'd your legs"
"Yep, this some major Michael"
by Lesbian Chin Room March 05, 2009
73 147