Someone you fall in love with who has a girlfriend. Someone you've known all your life and who is always there, just not there for you. Someone who when you tell them that you like them doesn't care. Someone who breaks your heart everyday. Someone who steals your heart and doesn't know they have it. Someone perfect.
"Hey did you ask that boy out?"
"Naw he has a girlfriend. He's too much of a Michael."
by stinky feet 1134 November 27, 2011
Michael is a huge dick. He thinks he is better than everyone but hes not. No one likes him. He tends to fuck girls named jillian and he is a very mean and selfish person. He loves to use girls
dude that bitch is so michael
by thabitchyo November 13, 2010
Usually a crusty person, who doesnt shower or brush his teeth. The name is association with "Alex" as the research we have done concludes that they are both dirty and make people want to shower. Micheal's are prone to body wash and wear UGG boots that he gets from the thrift store.
God damn that kid is as crusty as a Michael!
by DMAA Research December 14, 2010
People with this name are very likely to be made entirely of AWESOME. The Angel Michael was God's Hitman. Most Michaels can lick their eyeballs. Michaels are equal parts Bloom and Decay. Michael is another word for fly, dope and Libahunt. Michaels are Pimp. FTW.
I'm too Michael for this.
by sinister eel February 03, 2010
Normally a lanky guy, killer body and can be moody at times, he's currently in love with some boom chick called Robyn. Someone who has a short temper.
"pulling a michael" meaning getting stressed out soo easily..
"sandiford's stressing'' meaning someone get angry..
by Don Robbo April 29, 2011
1) total ass clown 2) likes big boners in his butt 3) loves his justin beber hair!!!
hey that guy looks really gay...i think his name is Michael.
by fuzzy nerf herder February 27, 2011
A man that much is known about him he normally hides out in seedy bars playing buck hunter till early hours of the morning has many a nickname: billy botson, botswana, mickey b, mickey botson, ibbo, 50 cent, nippys, BOTSON, and many more
chad: oi gos did you see plates eat shit in buckhunter?
gos: yeah he need to wash those dishes!
michael: oh man i suck.
by looneyray January 18, 2011
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