Top Definition
Nice ass.
Good grades.
Nice smile.
Sexy eyes.
A sucker for a guy with a great smile.
Hates haters and trolls
Only has about 2 or 3 friends that you can call, good friends.
Boy1: Dayum, have you seen Hailea's boobs?

Boy2: Hells yeah! Shes hot!
by Mwahslovesyou May 27, 2011
an extremely hot girl with brown hair and blue eyes, has a lot of friends, goes out with 2 guys a year, loves to flirt, has an amazing figure and loves to party and show herself off
boy #1: duude look at that girl over there she has a bangin body
boy #2: her name must be hailea
by ilovethisgirlhailea July 05, 2011
a cute young girl with a wild party life
you are soo "Hailea" today.
by Lunalynnlove May 27, 2011
a crazy white girl who likes to shake her ass and dates 2 guys a year and has a very strict mother and an evil red head that lives across from her bedroom
dude your grounded again why are you being such a hailea
by DHOWHATTTT January 31, 2009
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