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When a Michael Jackson fan surfs the web for Michael Jackson, usually videos. It can be a hobby and the word is usually used on youtube.
Sarah - "Hey, what are you doing?"

Luara - "Oh you know, just michaeling."
by shortyl0l November 29, 2009
to keep on being a fan of and supporting Michael Jackson.
Alright, guys; I gotta go. Keep Michaeling!!!
by ILuvVocab November 09, 2009
To do anything (positive) relating to Michael Jackson!

Listening to MJ, looking at photos or videos of MJ, speaking to MJ fans, dancing to MJ, reading about MJ, dancing in the style of MJ, thinking about MJ, researching about MJ, talking about MJ, writing about MJ, spreading the truth and love about MJ, anything!

The verb 'To Michael' shall continue to relate to Michael Jackson forever, as a result of his huge impact across the world.

Michaeling is generally done by Michael Jackson Fans: the best fans in the world, keeping the MJ Legacy alive For All Time!
Keep on Michaeling!
by GracePYT April 21, 2011
The act of "Day dreaming" or sleeping with your eyes open.
I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. I was just Michaeling
by keccalex January 07, 2011
Conspicuously flexing one's enormous muscles while contorting the face and pursing the lips.
"Man, giving the presentation was really distracting, one of the professors kept michaeling in front of me."
by DrMcSausage December 17, 2013
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