A man who seems very sweet, nice, and makes you feel very special. But in reality, he will fuck pretty much anything that moves, and when drunk he can not differentiate between women, and tends to be somewhat of a man slut.

However, despite his skankiness he is a loyal friend with a down to earth soul.
Wow, that guy is such a michael!

OMG I can't believe he just pulled such a Michael!
by lonewolf456709 April 02, 2010
A homosexual, who loves the dick in their mouth and ass, he spits the cum, swallows on some occasions! Has tried it on an airplane. Also loves horses, and hates Chinese and Asians.
Michael look at those Asians
by Mystery-Man.69 October 23, 2011
1) total ass clown 2) likes big boners in his butt 3) loves his justin beber hair!!!
hey that guy looks really gay...i think his name is Michael.
by fuzzy nerf herder February 27, 2011
The ugliest human being ALIVE!
beware of Michael this creature will burn your eyes
A Michael is a untrustworthy person who will stab you in the back once he has a chance to
Michael also picks on innocent people for not reason
Michael is a major DOUCHEBAG and a ASSHOLE!
Becky: omg I saw Michaels face roday

Laura: ewwww is your eyes okay

Becky: yeah but that was some disgusting SHIT!!
by manny1222333 December 11, 2010
People with this name are very likely to be made entirely of AWESOME. The Angel Michael was God's Hitman. Most Michaels can lick their eyeballs. Michaels are equal parts Bloom and Decay. Michael is another word for fly, dope and Libahunt. Michaels are Pimp. FTW.
I'm too Michael for this.
by sinister eel February 03, 2010
Michael is a huge dick. He thinks he is better than everyone but hes not. No one likes him. He tends to fuck girls named jillian and he is a very mean and selfish person. He loves to use girls
dude that bitch is so michael
by thabitchyo November 13, 2010
limp dick
Michael: sorry i can't get it up
by giggly face 696969 August 13, 2010

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