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a sweet-heart who always knows what to say. He is loving and kind and very funny. But also knows how to be serious when he needs to be. Very athletic and not very bright...but is very street smart. Will someday be famous and rich. Michaels seem to go best with alisons or chelseas. As well as abbeys. they know how to be in a relationship and arent fakes or asswholes.
:) michael <3
by happiness_and_love February 25, 2010
An epic douchebag who is easily pissed off.
A person who would be angry by just reading this definition.
Person 1: Hey, did you see Michael today?
Person 2: Yeah, he's such a douchebag he belongs on Jersey Shore!
by TheOneWithTheGreenStripeJacket January 26, 2011
It is the code word used when there is to many niggers around to say the word nigger.
That Michael is burple
by 59405 October 28, 2010
An extremely loyal student... a bit too loyal at times. Michael will not break ANY rules, even small pointless ones, or he'll sleep with a bad conscious. Extremely nerdy and annoying. He's usually the most hated in school.
"Oh fuck, here comes Michael, quick hide your notebook!"

"Michael, can I help you with loading your film into your camera?"
"No, that's cheating, I have to learn from my mistakes, even though it'll take me the whole class period and we won't get to move on"
by PaleGoldLizard October 15, 2010
If a girl is called a michael she is most likely to have never had a boyfriend and looks like a fish. The fish she might look like is a pranah because she has a big mouth and could swallow anything. She has a huge mouth for sucking dick but her looks ruin it for her. You do not want to be called a Michael.
"This so true about the definition of michael"
by BeanerNIGHT February 28, 2010
1.Someone who walks around work giving "top-tips" and "throwing it out there" even though it's evident he has no idea.

2. A person with poor personal hygeine.

3. A small penis.

4. An individual incapable of cooking a BBQ.
Simon: Did you see that guy wandering around doing a Michael?

Sandi: Yeah, and he stinks like a Michael too.

Simon: I bet you he's got a Michael.

Sandi: I wouldn't want to eat at his place, he's probably a Michael.
by Smoboss February 10, 2010
A jerk who breaks up with girls for no reason.
Because I'm Michael. Duh.
by KCoolAllTheNamesAreBeingUsed April 04, 2011