Literally the hottest guy on earth. goes to a catholic school usually... plays sports such as track and basketball soccer and football. he is asian but tall. a great guy. hilarious. has a great body, and knows it. all the girls want him but few get him. flirts with all the hot girls and everyone wants him.
Em: "did you see michael at practice the other day?"
CC: "yea he was so hot, like usual"
by oscarMEYERCOX January 09, 2011
damn michael, you're so fucking hot. I CAN'T WAIT TO RAPE YO DICK WHEN YO SLEEPIN.
by mellow_jellow November 23, 2010
A pot smoking loser who won't get anywhere in life. He is so annoying and needy. Always either high or depressed.
He's such a drop-kick, he must be a Michael.
by Reyals_666 November 21, 2013
Weirdest person on the planet and steals peoples phones!!!
Michael stole my phone!
by cool kid 1237684806504 December 12, 2011
Slang for weed. To be used when discretion is necessary.
yo we gonna kick it with michael tonight?
by Nobody so why do you care? December 13, 2010
Michael is a name given to a funny and pretty good looking gent that loves his video games. They are usually a little shy but once you get a few drinks in them, they are the life of the party.\. When a michael is younger he usually has some sort of issue with his testicles. These michaels find one serious relationship and hang on to it forever and don't let go no matter what his friends tell him. All in all a michael is a fun guy to be around.
Hey! Look at that michael over there.
by rkptb February 04, 2010
A Dutch Farmer boy;a guy who has really long blonde hair and wears a straw hat;a fagot who loves to take it up the ass
Dude did u just see that kid, he looks like a strait up michael.
by Ricky Verssen May 04, 2008

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