michael or mike they are jerks. they might care about you at first but turn on you and move to the next person.
Girl 1:why are you crying?
Girl 2:did you date another michael?
Girl 3: yes...
Girl 1:i told you not to trust them! they break hearts!
by mylunatuna July 30, 2012
The most amazing person in the world. Michael is extremely nice, always putting others before himself. He is very lovable and whatever he does is to benefit his other half. When you are in love with a Michael it is forever and strong. There could never be anyone else. And you cannot forget that Michael is very attractive. Michael also has a very high intelligence with a genius IQ. You can never love anyone else once you loved a Michael because he is perfection.
Gabrielle: I'm going to make Michael mine, I'm going to make him fall in love with me.
by UndeservingGirlLovingYou September 27, 2011
Another term for insanity or mental illness. Looney, nuts, crazy, mental, coo-coo, completely fucked in the head.
Michael lost his mind.
by Escargo please March 09, 2008
Michael: a hockey loving person who likes things shoved up his bum. Handle with care, any skin on skin contact will result in Michael having a hissyfit and being a complete douche canoe. Not all Michael's are like this though; only the Michael variety whose last name is Rand
Jon: Wow that kids crying even though i just poked him
Bob: ya, he's such a Michael

Billy: wow your such a douche canoe
Jimmy: Pshh, your such a Michael Rand
by TruthAboutMichaelRand December 06, 2010
A faggot that likes to eat dick and likes to give blowjobs
Michael and his dad had a great time yesterday
by Bruhdeeznuts123 June 15, 2015
Kid who cries for no reason, essentially, a massive sook. See also Jordan
Michael totally cried today when I asked how he was.
by aknfkaegfbsdjjkrehglhhhhhhhhma March 11, 2015
Usually a Portuguese man, he sits in his room all day doing activities such as jacking off and smoking pot . Michaels have no life and no friends. They do not know how to get a girl but when they actually do they mess it up by accidentally shoving them into boxes and throwing them off a bridge. They often have either A chode or no dick at all. They are very ugly.
"I want to meet your son where is he"
"In his room smoking a joint"
"Must be Michael"
by Reereeree December 29, 2013
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