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Michael is a person who is usually found making faces at him self, and is not very caring. He likes to make fun of people to make him feel more beautiful.
Sara:"Don't u think he such a joy?"
Deven:"I think hes a Michael"
Sara:"I'm going to Bismarck you!!!>:0"
by Ananymos1234567890 June 07, 2010
Michael is a name given to a funny and pretty good looking gent that loves his video games. They are usually a little shy but once you get a few drinks in them, they are the life of the party.\. When a michael is younger he usually has some sort of issue with his testicles. These michaels find one serious relationship and hang on to it forever and don't let go no matter what his friends tell him. All in all a michael is a fun guy to be around.
Hey! Look at that michael over there.
by rkptb February 04, 2010
A homosexual, who loves the dick in their mouth and ass, he spits the cum, swallows on some occasions! Has tried it on an airplane. Also loves horses, and hates Chinese and Asians.
Michael look at those Asians
by Mystery-Man.69 October 23, 2011
Normally a lanky guy, killer body and can be moody at times, he's currently in love with some boom chick called Robyn. Someone who has a short temper.
"pulling a michael" meaning getting stressed out soo easily..
"sandiford's stressing'' meaning someone get angry..
by Don Robbo April 29, 2011
Usually a crusty person, who doesnt shower or brush his teeth. The name is association with "Alex" as the research we have done concludes that they are both dirty and make people want to shower. Micheal's are prone to body wash and wear UGG boots that he gets from the thrift store.
God damn that kid is as crusty as a Michael!
by DMAA Research December 14, 2010
Most people say this person was amazing. BUT the truth is he is a kiss ass and he kinda really sucks. He is loud and obnoxious and everyone in his class hates him. Come to think of it everyone in the world probably hates him too.. but it'll be okay. Maybe he'll grow up to be one of those cat ladies.. He'll still have friends..kinda. But overall he sucks. And has a small penis.
i know, he's being such a michael.
by MICHAEL HATER December 13, 2010
The ugliest human being ALIVE!
beware of Michael this creature will burn your eyes
A Michael is a untrustworthy person who will stab you in the back once he has a chance to
Michael also picks on innocent people for not reason
Michael is a major DOUCHEBAG and a ASSHOLE!
Becky: omg I saw Michaels face roday

Laura: ewwww is your eyes okay

Becky: yeah but that was some disgusting SHIT!!
by manny1222333 December 11, 2010