A Michael is a rare breed of a man. You know you have spotted a Michael when A. He has long hair (usually running his hands through it, Michael's are obsessed with their hair), walking barefoot or in sandals through out all seasons, typically dressed in casual wear (normally wearing the same outfit for days every week). B. Is ranting about different philosophies, nature, or well... just about anything, really. This type of male is known to be a human encyclopedia. He has a tendency to get extremely hyper one moment, jumping on things and such and extremely moody the next (usually caused by hunger). A Michael of this breed, can become extremely restless, frustrated by gossip, and too passionate without warning. Usually this type of human being can be spotted with a Krystal.
"I just had the most random adventure with Michael today."
by audrey_h February 24, 2013
very sexy man who has a huuuuge D and plays hockey and bikes and scooters. usually lives in BC and and a very nice guy ;) Likes the number 7 and likes to write poems about cheese!
Marie: why did i dump Michael?

Abbey: hes sooooo hot!!!!

Emily: heeey high 5 buddy!!!!!!!!!!

Ashlee: eh hes ight
by cheese bro7 April 17, 2012
The Biggest party animal ever. Extremely perverted, but has your back when you need it. Life might be difficult with him but there is no way in the entire universe you can live without him. He is the guy you keep away from girls you like because he will probably try to steal them, but underneath that pimpness is a caring friend that you would want to have forever.
Michael is the greatest guy in the planet
by Uri Nemirovsky July 01, 2011
Michael: a hockey loving person who likes things shoved up his bum. Handle with care, any skin on skin contact will result in Michael having a hissyfit and being a complete douche canoe. Not all Michael's are like this though; only the Michael variety whose last name is Rand
Jon: Wow that kids crying even though i just poked him
Bob: ya, he's such a Michael

Billy: wow your such a douche canoe
Jimmy: Pshh, your such a Michael Rand
by TruthAboutMichaelRand December 06, 2010
Kid who cries for no reason, essentially, a massive sook. See also Jordan
Michael totally cried today when I asked how he was.
by aknfkaegfbsdjjkrehglhhhhhhhhma March 11, 2015
A pretty cool guy who is a master of biomed and fucks bitches all the time. Dude gets so much pussy and ass in Gibson, Gleason, NRH, Sol, and so many other places. Is never a tiger on his own time. A true ladies' man, his dick is never lonely.
Dude, did you hear Tom fucked three girls at once last night?
Oh shit. He is such a Michael.
by MahDick9001 January 09, 2012
Another term for insanity or mental illness. Looney, nuts, crazy, mental, coo-coo, completely fucked in the head.
Michael lost his mind.
by Escargo please March 09, 2008

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