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damn michael, you're so fucking hot. I CAN'T WAIT TO RAPE YO DICK WHEN YO SLEEPIN.
by mellow_jellow November 23, 2010
Someone you fall in love with who has a girlfriend. Someone you've known all your life and who is always there, just not there for you. Someone who when you tell them that you like them doesn't care. Someone who breaks your heart everyday. Someone who steals your heart and doesn't know they have it. Someone perfect.
"Hey did you ask that boy out?"
"Naw he has a girlfriend. He's too much of a Michael."
by stinky feet 1134 November 27, 2011
dirty pervert hooker.<3
that you will always love bcuz he's super sweet.
and sexy..
and a skater (:
Ted "look, its Michael"
Ashlyn "OHHHHH, YAY."
by errybody_errywhere22 July 24, 2011
A man that much is known about him he normally hides out in seedy bars playing buck hunter till early hours of the morning has many a nickname: billy botson, botswana, mickey b, mickey botson, ibbo, 50 cent, nippys, BOTSON, and many more
chad: oi gos did you see plates eat shit in buckhunter?
gos: yeah he need to wash those dishes!
michael: oh man i suck.
by looneyray January 18, 2011
Literally the hottest guy on earth. goes to a catholic school usually... plays sports such as track and basketball soccer and football. he is asian but tall. a great guy. hilarious. has a great body, and knows it. all the girls want him but few get him. flirts with all the hot girls and everyone wants him.
Em: "did you see michael at practice the other day?"
CC: "yea he was so hot, like usual"
by oscarMEYERCOX January 09, 2011
Slang for weed. To be used when discretion is necessary.
yo we gonna kick it with michael tonight?
by Nobody so why do you care? December 13, 2010
Michael is a person who is usually found making faces at him self, and is not very caring. He likes to make fun of people to make him feel more beautiful.
Sara:"Don't u think he such a joy?"
Deven:"I think hes a Michael"
Sara:"I'm going to Bismarck you!!!>:0"
by Ananymos1234567890 June 07, 2010