The kid at the party that nobody wants to talk to or be around. You also dont know why he is here or who invited him. Most likely wears sweatshirts for all seasons. Person that pisses everywhere when he's drunk.
Someone: "Its 90 degrees, why does that kid have a sweatshirt on?" Other Guy: "Oh Thats A Michael." Someone: "Im sorry to hear that."

Someone: "Man who is that kid over there in the corner, he is michaeling this party pretty bad." Other Guy: "Dude you better check your fridge."

Someone: "Hey you see that kid over there, he just Michaeled your fridge." Host:".........Fuck"
by An angry boy August 03, 2011
A half asian half white kid runs stop signs and laughs at the word barbeque sauce, and gets saved by the coolest person in the world from a severe car crash.
your being such a michael!
by XxricyxX March 23, 2011
A large flightless bird, who does not lay eggs and shits sideways. Mainly found roaming the streets or dark alleys
That damn Michael shit on my car again
by MichaelPapa-uzza December 10, 2010
Someone you fall in love with who has a girlfriend. Someone you've known all your life and who is always there, just not there for you. Someone who when you tell them that you like them doesn't care. Someone who breaks your heart everyday. Someone who steals your heart and doesn't know they have it. Someone perfect.
"Hey did you ask that boy out?"
"Naw he has a girlfriend. He's too much of a Michael."
by stinky feet 1134 November 27, 2011
The biggest douche bag in the world. Doesn't care about your feelings, and will dump every girl he dates. He's conceited and thinks he's above all; When in reality he's the most worthless person ever.
Girl1- That's my ex boyfriend, Michael.
Girl2- What a coincidence, that's my ex too!
by JessxObscene December 10, 2010
Often pretends to be disabled to get attention or into bed with men and/or authority figures. Addicted to candy and porn...sometimes together. Steals books from the church library and takes money from the homeless. He will do anything to get ahead including auctioning off his virginity on ebay. He likes to show off his food slicing skills to (unsuccessfully) compensate for his tiny manhood.
Another word for a compulsive liar, foot fungus brought on by an STD, cheater, male prostitute, and child rapist. "I'm sorry I cheated, but what do you expect, I am a Michael!"
by Le Corbustier. August 25, 2010
Normally a lanky guy, killer body and can be moody at times, he's currently in love with some boom chick called Robyn. Someone who has a short temper.
"pulling a michael" meaning getting stressed out soo easily..
"sandiford's stressing'' meaning someone get angry..
by Don Robbo April 29, 2011

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