The fine art of draining another mans penis with oral stimulation and enjoying it so much u jump up and down with your hands in air , multi tasking excitement and loosening up the anus for the next desire and always throwing the condom on the floor with after intercourse
Fuck a never ending pack of Tim Tams I'd wish for a never ending supply of Michaels
by Moon-unit-1-diva-muffin November 24, 2013
Usually blonde or brunette. A sweet and genuine guy when you're alone with him. But tends to be at least a little different when both you are around other people. Good taste in music. Drummer. On the other hand, he cheats and makes out with most of the color guard as well as others. Has a girl best friend. His best friend seems to have a major crush on him but won't admit it.
Person: Michael's a good kisser but can't go out with him since he cheats.
by KarliSteph April 17, 2013
michaels are sweet,funny guys,who can come off as irritating but their heart is in the right place they like simple easy things and make great boyfriends.they are so nice and are cool and should never let them go.they are life long friends and if possible they will love you forever.
my boyfriend is that kid michael
wow he is just amazing
i know we have been dating for two years.he doesnt eve check ou other girls
thats like a are so lucky
by mjkd November 22, 2011
used as a verb it explains how bad ass someone is being. as a noun it is said to be the single most bad ass living thing in the universe. ancient scrolls indicate that a michael was discovered in the raunchy region of jamaica and was said to have been placed on earth by the mighty lax gods to increase the global bad ass meter. it is said to still be in existance and is plucking corners all over the place
(bro just ripped a lacrosse net with a behind-the-back crank) Guy #1 dude your such a michael lanahan

Guy #1-why are you so cool bro

Michael-its what i do. heres a free twag for your troubles
by albertchinningsworththethird January 26, 2011
Michael is a name given to a funny and pretty good looking gent that loves his video games. They are usually a little shy but once you get a few drinks in them, they are the life of the party.\. When a michael is younger he usually has some sort of issue with his testicles. These michaels find one serious relationship and hang on to it forever and don't let go no matter what his friends tell him. All in all a michael is a fun guy to be around.
Hey! Look at that michael over there.
by rkptb February 04, 2010
A selfish jerk who plays girls and only thinks about himself. He is perverted and just likes to have girls attention. He will tell you he loves you one day and the next break your heart. He is the typical kind of douche that a ton of girls fall for, but end up with broken hearts. He can be sweet and charming, but he has a dark side. Although you may fall for his good looks, you want to stay away from people like him
Girl: OMG that guy is SO hot
Friend: Ew no dont fall for him, he is a total Michael
by Experienced Dude March 17, 2013
damn michael, you're so fucking hot. I CAN'T WAIT TO RAPE YO DICK WHEN YO SLEEPIN.
by mellow_jellow November 23, 2010
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