Such a god damn fucking god in the sack. When he enters me it feels like he's going to come out my throat. When his balls slap my asshole I quiver in delight. His hip circles make me creamy. Like creamed corn. He has the stickiest man juice of any man, boy, woman, or child. If Michael were on the Titanic he would have used his massive ballsack to stay afloat. Probably a male porn star in a past life. Sometimes has unibrow. The greatest guy I've met and I love him so much.
"Michael, fuck me hard!"
by crazypaddy's March 17, 2016
he is the hottest guy I have ever met is good in the bed and is very hansome
michael is hot
by fukeaface December 03, 2015
There are 2 definitions of Michael. A awesome michael who is chill and awesome to hang out with, who all the girls secretely want. Or a weak scrawny kid who has no confidence and sort of brings a tear of how much of a loser they are. Now 4 out of michaels are the cool badass that everybody loves. So normally being a michael is a good thing. But then there is always that one michael who gets friend-zoned by every girl he asks out. Also who is an annoying douche who thinks everything bad happens to him. So what michael do u know?
Michael was hitting on that girl over there.
by Ead December 01, 2014
Mercedes' Man.
Dayuum! Michael is Mercedes' man.
by Mercy1225 October 07, 2013
A massive cunt
"That guy right there, is a total Michael"
"Oh so he's a cunt"
by randoguy June 12, 2016
A kid who always gets friend zoned.
There goes a Michael!
by Dis Bitch Right Here June 25, 2016
Someone who worries about what everyone thinks. It is because of this that he chooses to live his life in the closet, even though all of his friends already know and accept him for who he is. He also can't cook to save his life, and his parents still spoil him even though he is a grown adult with a really good job, and he drives a V6 Mustang
"That guy needs to quit being a Michael, and just live life how he wants."
by Macabagdal February 03, 2015
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