Someone who worries about what everyone thinks. It is because of this that he chooses to live his life in the closet, even though all of his friends already know and accept him for who he is. He also can't cook to save his life, and his parents still spoil him even though he is a grown adult with a really good job, and he drives a V6 Mustang
"That guy needs to quit being a Michael, and just live life how he wants."
by Macabagdal February 03, 2015
Usually a Portuguese man, he sits in his room all day doing activities such as jacking off and smoking pot . Michaels have no life and no friends. They do not know how to get a girl but when they actually do they mess it up by accidentally shoving them into boxes and throwing them off a bridge. They often have either A chode or no dick at all. They are very ugly.
"I want to meet your son where is he"
"In his room smoking a joint"
"Must be Michael"
by Reereeree December 29, 2013
A selfish jerk who plays girls and only thinks about himself. He is perverted and just likes to have girls attention. He will tell you he loves you one day and the next break your heart. He is the typical kind of douche that a ton of girls fall for, but end up with broken hearts. He can be sweet and charming, but he has a dark side. Although you may fall for his good looks, you want to stay away from people like him
Girl: OMG that guy is SO hot
Friend: Ew no dont fall for him, he is a total Michael
by Experienced Dude March 17, 2013
A michael is a really nice and funny person. he has a great sense of humor and a really pretty smile. Michael's are usually tall and athletic. He will tend to have really soft skin and soft lips. Michael's are usually jewish and/ or mixed race (most likely asian)a michael is really cute and will always keep you smiling. he is a great friend and you would be glad to have a michael in your life.
" oh my god my boy friend is so nice and really funny and has a great smile"

"really? is his name michael?'

"yeah! How did you know?"
by prettysweetwreckless November 07, 2011
Michael: a hockey loving person who likes things shoved up his bum. Handle with care, any skin on skin contact will result in Michael having a hissyfit and being a complete douche canoe. Not all Michael's are like this though; only the Michael variety whose last name is Rand
Jon: Wow that kids crying even though i just poked him
Bob: ya, he's such a Michael

Billy: wow your such a douche canoe
Jimmy: Pshh, your such a Michael Rand
by TruthAboutMichaelRand December 06, 2010
very sexy man who has a huuuuge D and plays hockey and bikes and scooters. usually lives in BC and and a very nice guy ;) Likes the number 7 and likes to write poems about cheese!
Marie: why did i dump Michael?

Abbey: hes sooooo hot!!!!

Emily: heeey high 5 buddy!!!!!!!!!!

Ashlee: eh hes ight
by cheese bro7 April 17, 2012

is proper cool, nicest guy you'll ever talk to.
hes very modest and has got dead nice hair
he likes horses and he sends cringey edited

pictures from picnik, hes cute as fuck
horse 1 - michael is so cool
horse 2 - i know look at his canter
blacksmith - i made them shoes
by annoymous111222333 February 09, 2012

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