The best friend anyone could want. He's always there for the ones he cares about, even if it means letting them call him at 1am. If you're a girl watch out, it's easy to fall for a guy named Michael. Michaels give the best hugs and can always make you laugh when you don't want to smile.
Person 1: wow he's a nice guy
Person 2: he must be Michael.
by Krys 1678 April 06, 2014
A real nigga

Who gets shit done

Don't fuck with him

Gets allot of pussy and is sexy afffff

He has good ass bars and ready for anything
Really really good at basketball
Girl 1: who's that

Girl 2: that's Michael*heart eyes*
by :):Yooooo.. July 07, 2016
Rude kid who likes to annoy people but many people love him he is very sweet l but he loves to tease people, his favourite catchphrase is go to hell, he can be rude but many people absolutely love him.

To some is is a butthole though,

He also has a little baby dick
" oh my god I love Michael"
"Michael is a butthole "
by ThePooplesNation rules June 24, 2016
Every other dude you meet
There's like 12,390,658 Michaels born a second.
by Urbanman100 June 19, 2016
Basically a guy with a dick the size of the CN Tower. Every girl wants to fuck him so hard mostly because he just broke up with his hot as fuck girlfriend. Back to the dick, always the at the first date he gets a blow job and then fucks the girl(s) for 1 hour straight, the performs an angery dragon. Michael has the nicest eyes and is very sexy. Anyone with the name Michael is known for their smarts and always has girls to Fuck
Oh my fuck look at his dick, and his eyes, oh dont forget his body. He is definitely a Michael.
by Baby oh Baby July 19, 2016
One of the funniest kids around. That one of a kind guy that every girl hopes to find. He's honestly a babe of all babes. And he's pretty cute too.
Wow that dirty Michael really knows how to impress a girl.
by Northbae September 11, 2016
The absolute perfect person in every way imaginable. He is extremely sexy, nice, good-looking, funny, rich, smart, and cool. Every girl he knows wishes she could be his girlfriend and soon marry him, and stay married forever. All of his many friends think he is so nice and funny. If you ever meet him you will instantly fall in love if you're a girl.
Oh Michael, he's just the perfect person and very sexy and good-looking too.
by The best definition September 14, 2016
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