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Most people think that cavemen were simple and stupid creatures but its actually the opposite.
The first cavemen and women had to figure out that a man can stick his penis into a womans vagina a practice now known as sex the most common practice in the world. And they figured out that when a lady got really fat and started feeling something inside her that that thing(a baby had to come out and they were able to do it very succsesfully obviuosly)They also had to figure out that if you don't eat or drink something for a long time then you die!
guy 1:It's so easy a CAVEMEN could do it
guy 2:Whats that supposed to mean
by DX Roberts July 05, 2009
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This is the plural of caveman, when a band of cavemen get together it can be called a mauling.

cavemen are called so because they have a vastly inferior intelect to other people and may look like they have just crawled out of a cave.
That caveman tried to eat my computer, but i got out the stunstick and put a beat down.

Cavemen may be found saying things like "uhhg" and "huuhuh"
by hex_ten January 29, 2006
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