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A guy who breaks toilets with his giant ass.
Michael's fat ass broke the toilet again
by mikesfriends September 07, 2013
4 5
The fine art of draining another mans penis with oral stimulation and enjoying it so much u jump up and down with your hands in air , multi tasking excitement and loosening up the anus for the next desire and always throwing the condom on the floor with after intercourse
Fuck a never ending pack of Tim Tams I'd wish for a never ending supply of Michaels
by Moon-unit-1-diva-muffin November 24, 2013
1 4
Usually blonde or brunette. A sweet and genuine guy when you're alone with him. But tends to be at least a little different when both you are around other people. Good taste in music. Drummer. On the other hand, he cheats and makes out with most of the color guard as well as others. Has a girl best friend. His best friend seems to have a major crush on him but won't admit it.
Person: Michael's a good kisser but can't go out with him since he cheats.
by KarliSteph April 17, 2013
3 7
very sexy man who has a huuuuge D and plays hockey and bikes and scooters. usually lives in BC and and a very nice guy ;) Likes the number 7 and likes to write poems about cheese!
Marie: why did i dump Michael?

Abbey: hes sooooo hot!!!!

Emily: heeey high 5 buddy!!!!!!!!!!

Ashlee: eh hes ight
by cheese bro7 April 17, 2012
5 9

is proper cool, nicest guy you'll ever talk to.
hes very modest and has got dead nice hair
he likes horses and he sends cringey edited

pictures from picnik, hes cute as fuck
horse 1 - michael is so cool
horse 2 - i know look at his canter
blacksmith - i made them shoes
by annoymous111222333 February 09, 2012
4 8
A michael is a really nice and funny person. he has a great sense of humor and a really pretty smile. Michael's are usually tall and athletic. He will tend to have really soft skin and soft lips. Michael's are usually jewish and/ or mixed race (most likely asian)a michael is really cute and will always keep you smiling. he is a great friend and you would be glad to have a michael in your life.
" oh my god my boy friend is so nice and really funny and has a great smile"

"really? is his name michael?'

"yeah! How did you know?"
by prettysweetwreckless November 07, 2011
13 17
Michael is a name given to a funny and very good looking gent that loves his video games. Michaels are usually a little shy but once you get a few drinks in them, they are the life of the party. They are slow to trust, and even slower to love...but once a person gains the trust and love of a Michael - they've got it forever. Typically Michaels are a huge fan of anything outdoors: Hiking, 4-Wheelers, Yard Work, etc. Michaels generally love animals and other human beings. Typically raised with a top-knotch upbringing these are the types of men who make excellent husbands, fathers, and grandfathers. Often times these creatures are confused about what they deserve in life, and usually have to go through a hell of a lot in life before settling down.
Love Me some Michael.
by Notthatonebiatch October 20, 2011
7 11