Michael's could definitely be defined as very hard working, honest, loving, and caring individuals. They are always there for the ones that they love. They are the ones that know exactly what they want and they will work hard and search forever (if they have to) to find it. They are the best friend to have and perfect soul-mate. They are very passionate men and they know how to make someone happy. They are very family oriented, but also very independent at the same time. They also are very radical about their sports at times, but can be easily put back on track by their other half. They also tend to be very inclined towards the Mathematics subject area and are fantastic at working with children with their Math studies. They are very loved by Taisha's and canines.
Yes, Michael, I will marry you.
by GoIrish927 June 05, 2011
This nigga eats everything
Aww damn Michael ate all my shit
by Donkeystuff May 19, 2016
A flying whale
Person 2: I think that was a Michael!
by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ March 09, 2015
The best friend anyone could want. He's always there for the ones he cares about, even if it means letting them call him at 1am. If you're a girl watch out, it's easy to fall for a guy named Michael. Michaels give the best hugs and can always make you laugh when you don't want to smile.
Person 1: wow he's a nice guy
Person 2: he must be Michael.
by Krys 1678 April 06, 2014
the most annoying, bitchy, dramatic guy you'll ever meet. only cares about himself.
Michael is such a douche.
by 2cool4school2lame4fame December 01, 2013
Someone that has the best girlfriend in the world :*
michael has the best girlfriend
by wholly October 24, 2011
Every other dude you meet
There's like 12,390,658 Michaels born a second.
by Urbanman100 June 19, 2016
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