A guy who is always laughing usaually considered one of the funniest kids at school. BIG FLIRTS but once locked down they are Loyal and can be really sweet. They are cute and very athletic no matter the sport. Also tend to be smarter although they are trouble makers which leads people to believe they are idiots. Despite they're happy nature they do get hurt often but they keep it hidden so no one finds out.
Michael is a real trouble maker.
Damn look at Michael go, he is so fast!

That Michael sure is a cutie.
#athletic #funny #cute #sweet #caring
by D1 hooper July 25, 2015
A sex monster by all definitions.Although very sexy, Michael isn't available for everyone. A Michael must be placed with a Krystal.
Guy was a Michael in the bedroom last night.
#michael #krystal #sex #machine #sexy
by Sendejo June 08, 2012
Michael is the most incredible guy in the entire world. He has a great sense of humor and will always be there for you. His smile is perfect, his eyes are perfect, his hair is perfect, his hands are perfect, his laugh is perfect, his voice is perfect, and he is perfect. He's trustworthy, attractive, super sweet, caring, and absolutely indescribably incredible. When you find a Michael, don't let him slip away. Take him while you can and don't let him go without a fight. Michaels don't come around every other day. They become an extremely important part of your life and once you meet one, he won't ever leave your mind. Michael will bring THE greatest of adventures and will be the only person that could ever make you feel beautiful. Enjoy every second you have with him because he will make every second worth living. He will be the reason you get up every morning. He will always be there for you. He will be the sunshine to your day. Just seeing his face will immediately make you feel like you could do anything. You will look forward to just being near him and will love hearing his voice. He is simply perfect.
Michael is a really incredible guy! I was wondering if he would consider going to the formal Canwick dance with me?
#canwick #giraffe #perfection #hashtag #ilikeyou!
by kmuffinz January 09, 2012
A kid that says same all the time
Person: I've heard someone has a small penis

Michael: Same
by I'mNotCrossCat98 December 06, 2015
Michael is always the jokester of the group. He can always make you laugh. Girls are lucky to be his girlfriend as he knows how to treat a girl and is extremely sweet. He's adorable and even though he's a bit weird its okay because he's just a generally awesome guy. He's not the best at sports but that doesn't matter, his girlfriend is always athletically talented. He's smart and always knows how to make you laugh no matter what mood you are in. You can tell him litterally everything and he'll listen and understand. He's a great friend and will always be there for you. He always put everybody before himself and is just great.
Fiona: Did you know Michael and Bella are dating?

Isabell: Bella is so lucky to have such a great guy like Michael.
#boyfriend #micheal #michael #person #awesome
by The banana guard November 05, 2013
Michael- It can be a verb, noun, or adjective. It means (as a verb) to be doing awesome stuff, or if you are having tons of fun. As a noun, it is a name you give to someone who is outstanding in every way possible. As an adjective, it describes a very intelligent, cool, funny, friendly, and downright awesome.
(noun)- "Hmmm... this boy is completely brilliant. We shall name him Michael."
(verb)- "Hey, want to join us? We are really MICHAELING tonight!" "Okay, I'll join you guys."
(adjective)- "I want to be friends with that guy! He is so... MICHAEL!"
#awesome #fun #cool #friendly #intelligent
by Hedgehog Story October 17, 2013
a guy who loves the color blue, is extremely weird, and loves tacos...
guy #1: dang dude..you're weird
guy#2 :no....your michael
#michael #micheal #mihcael #weird #blue #tacos #weird..again
by tasykimchi June 08, 2011
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