Michael- It can be a verb, noun, or adjective. It means (as a verb) to be doing awesome stuff, or if you are having tons of fun. As a noun, it is a name you give to someone who is outstanding in every way possible. As an adjective, it describes a very intelligent, cool, funny, friendly, and downright awesome.
(noun)- "Hmmm... this boy is completely brilliant. We shall name him Michael."
(verb)- "Hey, want to join us? We are really MICHAELING tonight!" "Okay, I'll join you guys."
(adjective)- "I want to be friends with that guy! He is so... MICHAEL!"
by Hedgehog Story October 17, 2013
Mercedes' Man.
Dayuum! Michael is Mercedes' man.
by Mercy1225 October 07, 2013
lazy asf, and plays video games all the time and has great hair and amazing taste in shoes and is terrible in bed.
fuck that nigga michael
by hejdjfufifi September 15, 2015
Someone who seems cool when you meet him, he can make you laugh, he has a gorgeous smile, and knows how to treat a girl. At first. Then, he turns into some asshole that only talks to a girl for a few months and then moves on to another. Slyly, he ends up tricking every girl at school.
I wish I could be as secretive as a Michael
by emp510 August 30, 2015
A guy who is always laughing usaually considered one of the funniest kids at school. BIG FLIRTS but once locked down they are Loyal and can be really sweet. They are cute and very athletic no matter the sport. Also tend to be smarter although they are trouble makers which leads people to believe they are idiots. Despite they're happy nature they do get hurt often but they keep it hidden so no one finds out.
Michael is a real trouble maker.
Damn look at Michael go, he is so fast!

That Michael sure is a cutie.
by D1 hooper July 25, 2015
Michael is a sweet guy. He is pretty attractive. He can always make you laugh. He seems brave, but he is very sensitive. He believes he is never good enough, even tho he is. He is a huge flirt, and cocky to some girls. Loves to have fun and live life. Hates to see loved one feel down and will try anything to help. he is very smart but doesn't show it.
He Is sweet and caring, he must be a Michael.
by His best friend March 31, 2015
an ugly little hoe
Dave: "You're a bitch"
Greg: "You're a Michael"

Dave: "I think I'm gonna go home
by Johnny hernandez March 31, 2015

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