He can make you smile, laugh & make you so happy. He's so sweet & caring. He is a very ambitious person with a lot ahead of him. He doesn't think highly of himself when it comes to that, but anyone who knows him should know that he's capable of anything. As long as he puts his mind to it, he can pursue any goal & achieve it without any questions asked. He has so many qualities. He's so funny & will make your day. Did I mention that he has a beautiful voice? I wrote about his voice in one of my raps & said ; Every bar, every verse, a masterpeice in the making, the beuty of your voice leaves my body shaking.
He's got a big heart. He deseres to have someone that makes him that happiest person ever. He's smart & has a good head on his shoulders but yet, you can tell he has a freaky side. He isn't like anyone you know. He's different. He's Michael. He won't change for anyone. Their is no need to change because he's such a incredible person. He's real. You will love so many things about him. He's a bright, cute, intellegent, unexplainable person. In a good ass way. With so many talents. Singing, Basketball, who knows what else. He can do anything. He's worth so much more than he thinks. As you get to know him, he'll , mean the world to Space, to Mars & Back to you. You might even fall in love. I know I did. Love, KYLEE.<3
Kylee loves Michael
by Kylee Brownn June 27, 2013
A kick-ass person that you can always trust. It might take some time for you to get to know him, but once you become friends, you'll never regret it. And if you miss out on that opportunity, you should get shot in the foot for being a total dumb ass for ruining a chance to know such an awesome guy. A bit of a dork sometimes, but in a good way that'll make you smile, especially when you've been feeling down or have had a bad day. You always know that he'll listen when you need someone and even if he doesn't like to admit it, he cares enough to kick your ass when you need some good, old fashioned tough love (or have just been being emo). Of course, that doesn't mean he can't be a softy sometimes, too. His loyalty is unquestionable and he has great morals that makes most guys look like douchebags (not that that's hard, really xD). Absolutely hilarious and has a great smile whether he believes it or not and can literally make you choke on your drink trying not to laugh. He's just an awesome guy, a bad ass friend, and someone you'd never forget once you've known him. Honestly, he's cool enough for you to want to be an older brother and even in the worst of moods he's way cooler than almost anyone else on this planet.

And if you don't believe it, you can suck it because the proof is in the pudding.
Psh, example not needed for Michael, bitch. ;D
by ChokingonSprite July 04, 2011
A very beautiful and genuine man. Stands out from all the rest. So incredibly handsome that is BURNS like a motherfucker.

Very Talented and visibly well endowed.
Seriously heaven sent.

Can sweep a girl off her feet just by seeing him.
Most likely to love you if you fall on your face too.
Brings tears.
Leaves you speechless.

Hes perfect.
Hes really talented in Culinary Arts.
Wow can you just believe that? Its too good to be true? Indirectly but surely Im in love. Hes so perfect. And goodlooking in a way it literally leaves you melting and you can feel the burn.
Thats my baby Michael!
Oh just leave me dreaming.

by Cynthiahahahaha March 01, 2010
Like God.The best at everything, but most of all the best name you can lookup on Urban Dictionary and paste on your facebook.
Go to urbandictionary.com and look up your first name. Copy this in your status and post what Urban Dictionary says about your name in the first comment. Michael is the best.
by peety69 February 02, 2010
The most sweetest, kind-hearted boy/man you will ever meet in your own lifetime! Everything about a Michael is just swell, you will love them for everything they are. If their looks ever change, it wont affect you because their personality covers everything up. He'll make you laugh, and hell, you might cry over him because you'll miss being around him! Nothing can make you stay away from his charm. You would want to marry him for crying out loud, he's just perfect in every little way, every detail of him makes you wonder how he even exists.
"Hey, do you know Michael?"
"<mocking>Do you know Michael? OF COURSE I DO. You can't ignore a sweet heart like him."
"Well, that is true."
"Damn right it's true, I love him very much."
by NightfallReturns January 12, 2013
An amazingly strange individual. Has a very unique personality and is pretty easy to get along with. He sometimes likes to argue with you, but that's just his way of having fun. Great with art and poetry. Very easy going and laid back. And is always craving a cigarette. Helps out with problems but knows when its appropriate to just listen. Loves to help out the people he cares about and spends too much of his time on the ones close to his heart. He's a very forgiving person, but god help you if you piss him off. Revenge is part of his nature. And he's very good at exacting it. Either he'll love you or he'll hate you. There is no in between. And it's always better to be on his loving side, cause he can really f'ck you up if you aren't.

He is an amazing friend and even better if he's a part of your family. He doesn't realize it but a lot of his friends and family hold him dear to their hearts. He is an amazing brother, and even though he is the younger of the two, he is look up on by his older brother.
Girl - "Hey, do you know that Michael kid?"
Guy - "Yeah, he's my brother. F'ckin amazing kid. I love him to death."
Girl - "Yeah I know! Me too!"
by js_twigz May 23, 2010
An absolutely AMAZING guy with brown hair and hypnotizing brown eyes. This guy is Hillarious! and has many nicknames. He often forgives but never forgets, and would do anything for his best friend, including risk getting majorly hurt. He thinks of his best friend as his "lil sister" and she loves it when he says it. Michael is retarded&geeky at times but thats just him and it makes him that much better. He is like no other you have EVER met!!!!!! There is no way there could ever be any other person so awesome out there. He is truely amazing, and his "lil sis" hopes he knows that, because she cant tell him enough =)
"lil sis": WOW.. i cant believe i just did that, im sooo retarded lol

Michael: lol, ya but dont worry,its ok, I still love you lil sis... no matter how blonde you can be lol

"lil sis": * smiles* lol,I love you too my AMAZING big bro lol
by ILoveYouGeekBoy=P July 22, 2010
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